Sunday, November 22, 2009

Some animals are more equal than others

Minority, women and emerging small business program
Metro’s MWESB policies are race and gender neutral. All contractors are welcome to compete in MWESB contracting processes regardless of race or gender, as long as they are certified by the State of Oregon as a minority-owned business enterprise (MBE), women-owned business enterprise (WBE), or emerging small business (ESB). Metro does not certify contracts, but rather relies on State of Oregon certification.

Metro aggressively seeks opportunities to do business with minority-owned, women-owned and emerging small businesses (MWESB).

Informal sheltered market
Construction opportunities under $25,000 are solicited from and bid among only qualified MWESB contractors. Competitive bidding requirements still apply, but it is within the sheltered market of MWESB firms. This requirement may be waived only when no qualified MWESB bidders respond.

Anyone can participate regardless of race or gender... as long as you are a woman or minority and THE STATE certifies you as such. Only THE STATE can tell you that you are equal enough to have exclusive rights to bid on all construction jobs under $25K.

No white males need apply.


Anonymous said...

Why not? The vast majority of business owners and contractors are white males. For that matter, the majority are on Wall Street, running banks, representatives in Congress, are CEOs for corporations. And just look at the sorry state America is in. Do we really need more white males mucking it up? And for what I see of "white males" coming from the xenophobic racist groups hailed on this blog, I will take a pass and would gladly pay more in tax dollars for these programs supporting women and minorities. Besides, I think it is a fine time to let women and minorities take a crack at improving this country.

DAVE01 said...

I'm glad you are looking at the sorry state we are in. It is because of liberalism, not white males. I see that you point out that we don't need white males to muck it up. You are admitting that white males did not muck it up. Will you point out what is xenophobic and racist about these groups? I'm still waiting for somebody to point that out.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:03 am, if you look at it, it is the groups like La Raza that are racist. We simply want the laws enforced. You are implying that it is racist to enforce the laws. A law breaker is a law breaker. I am willing to bet that you are a liberal and a law breaker. You seem to call it racist when we want to protect our children and our country. I would be willing to bet you are a pedophile since you don't want the laws enforced.

Hal Lillywhite said...

There is a different kind of diversity that is actually useful. For another view on this diversity stuff see my blog at

psychobob said...

"Why not?"
Because it's racist and sexist that's why. I don't think anyone likes "the sorry state" we are in, but that's no reason to toss out civil rights in the name of "diversity." Maybe you need to go read Animal Farm to know what Daniel is alluding to in this post. To fix the "state" we are in we need more freedom, not less. We need more competitiveness, not more catering to sexist and racist Liberal politics.

Roadrunner said...

Daniel just quoted from a socialist writer, so he must be a socialist.

Isn't that how right-wing thinking goes?