Thursday, August 18, 2011

Excecutive amnesty

New DHS rules cancel deportations
The Homeland Security Department said Thursday it will halt deportation proceedings on a case-by-case basis against illegal immigrants who meet certain criteria such as attending school, having family in the military or are primarily responsible for other family members’ care.

The chief beneficiaries of the new guidance are likely to be illegal immigrant students who would have been eligible for legal status under the Dream Act, which stalled in Congress last year.

If you look at the "policy reform" timeline for ICE since Obama became president it has been one small amnesty after another.

2009-04-30 ICE issued a revised worksite enforcement strategy to focus on prosecuting employers, not simply arresting and removing workers. This policy steps away from the large raids resulting in significant numbers of arrested workers.
Don't arrest illegal aliens

2009-07 ICE revised the standard memorandum of agreement to restrict the immigration authority delegated to our state and local partners. The new agreements prohibit street officers from arresting aliens solely for civil immigration violations and convey clearly that officers must act in a manner consistent with ICE’s highest priority—the arrest of aliens convicted of crimes, with a particular focus on level one offenders.
Don't arrest illegal aliens

2009-09-24 ICE issued a directive to ICE attorneys to move to dismiss cases against aliens who are prima facie eligible for U-visas as the victims of crime. The same document directs that the aliens be granted a stay of removal pending the adjudication of their application for a U-visa.
Don't deport illegal aliens

2009-12-08 To address concern that more “collateral” aliens were arrested during fugitive operations than fugitive aliens, ICE issued new guidance that prioritizes criminal fugitives over non-criminal fugitives. Except in extraordinary circumstances, the policy also prohibits the detention of aliens who are seriously ill, disabled, pregnant, nursing, or the sole caretakers of children or the infirm.
Don't arrest illegal aliens that may happen to be around the illegal alien that you were looking for. This is like cops refusing to arrest fugitives that are passengers during a traffic stop because they were only after the driver.

2011-06-17 ICE issued a new policy to guide officers, agents and attorneys in their exercise of prosecutorial discretion.
Don't deport illegal aliens.

Laws on the book are being ignored by executive branch. The union for the border patrol agents issued a Vote of No Confidence in their leadership in 2010. And now in August of 2011 the Obama administration continues to steamroll over the legislative branch by ignoring the laws written by our elected representatives.

If I am a student, have a member of my family in the military or are primarily responsible for the care of another family member does this mean that I can't be sent to prison?

Make phone calls, write letters. Make sure that your neighbors know that during this extended time of 9%+ unemployment we have a president who wants to keep illegal workers on the job.


Anonymous said...

When are you going to get it through your head that this happens because this is what the rich and powerful want to happen?

DAVE01 said...

Aint' the messiah a wonderful leader. He amnesties and rewards the crimes of foreign criminals against America and Americans and punishes Americans. I used to think he was very racists, now I think that is wrong. Black unemployment has increased significantly and this will screw them even more. He just hates America and Americans, no matter the color. The only thing he identifies with is Islam, the folks who rape young girls and young boys and loves to chop the heads off of people.

One person in the country is happy, Jimmy Carter is now not the worst president ever.

Adios America. Greed and corruptions has destroyed her. All you liberals dirt bags should be very careful what you ask for. You are asking for more government control in your lives, I can't wait until you have more.

I remember at one of Ron Wyden's meetings several years ago some lady had helped Wyden and other democrats get elected. She said somebody complained to the police that her house was too dirty (she had a child) and they came and took her kid. I almost started laughing at her as she was crying. She doesn't understand that when you help elect big government control freaks, you are not protected from their wanting to help and protect you too.

She helped put into power the people and laws that took her child. I still remember that and laugh. I bet she is still helping control and power hungry freaks get elected and she could very well be helping the next Hitler who might not just take her child the next time, they might stick her in an oven.

With Obama's administration, they would love to stick white middle class Americans into ovens.

DAVE01 said...

One more thing, I wonder how many of our children will be sacrificed so Obama can have 300,000 more voters? I wish we could keep a tally of how many Americans are murdered, how many young children are raped and other crimes that are committed against us.

Obama, the democRATS and some republicans, getting more American children killed.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sweet. I can't wait to hear loser Dave, Jim and Lars whine about everify and all the anti-immigrant laws becoming neutered because of this change. All that wasted hot air, money and hate for nuttin'

Anonymous said...

There are a great many immigration laws on the books to deal with illegal (criminal) aliens. Isn't it funny how the "administration" in this country, not just in D.C., but in the states, counties and cities, choose not to implement most of them?

I have to wonder how many laws we as ordinary citizens we can ignore without getting arrested and cited and jailed. I am guessing not too many. Yet the so-called government we are saddled with today continues to ignore nearly all the immigration laws, as well as the Constitution itself. And this is happening every day from The Komrade President REMF to the Shyster General of the U.S to The SecTreasury, and on down through the ranks.

This government reminds me of the joke Letterman told on his program:
What is the difference between the Obama Administration and a prison?
One is filled with tax cheats, criminals, and various other law breakers. The other is for housing prisoners.


DAVE01 said...

ANON 10:10 AM

Can liberals say that word?

Again I ask you, how many dead children is it worth to give these people amnesty? Is it worth the death of one of your own children (assuming you have some) or one of your parents, siblings or whoever?

Anonymous said...

Dave, nobody takes you seriously when you sensationalize shit. Instead, why can't you provide us with hard evidence that illegal immigration is directly related to the death of infants?

Because you cant.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 1:11 PM
This is too easy. I said children. I put the words ILLEGAL because you forgot that word. I can prove criminal aliens are deadly to children. Look up Dani Countryman. She was raped and murdered by two mexicans, the gamboa cousins.

How about those children in Minnesota killed by that drunk driving bitch a few years ago. Don't you read anything but Daniel's blog?

Now, answer my questions above.

LW said...

Again I ask you, how many dead children is it worth to give these people amnesty?

Let me ask you something, Dave: In 2002, 3,018 children in the United States were killed in what is termed accidental deaths. Since you obviously have such passion for this tidal wave of illegal-alien-caused deaths of children, enlighten us: How many of those deaths (or what percentage of all child deaths in a typical year) are directly caused by illegal immigration? Give us a sense of the big picture.

I don't want anecdotes. I don't want the latest horror story you heard on Lars Larson. I don't want something you read about on the Drudge report three months ago. I don't want a statistic for only California. I want a number. A nationwide, factual, verifiable number and the originating source that you got it from.

Anonymous said...

They ain't illegal anymore. Read em' and weep baldy.

Anonymous said...

This is great news. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...

Obama has verified what we all knew. They are illegal aliens they are undocumented Democrat voters.

Hate Democrats not Mexicans said...

Fucking amazing!

There are people in here that say this is good?

You approve of Hussein Obama ignoring our Congress? and the will of the Citizens!?

Amnesty has been put before Congress MANY, MANY times in the last 15 years (Ag, DREAM, Comprehensive, McCain-Kennedy, etc.) whether the Democrats who had the White House and both branches of Congress recently for 2years, (2008-nov. 2010) could not get Amnesty approved or even when the R's had control.

Why do you any of you agree with Obama circumventing Congress and us Citizens?

and with over 45 Million on Food Stamps, persistently record high UNemployment, the stock market crashing, and BLACK Americans at a 17% Unemployment rate, why do YOU want Americans to have more job and benefits competition!?

Are YOU that brainwashed that you ignore all of the proof that massive immigration has NOT been "good for the economy"?

Anonymous said...

In November, 2008, the voters elected Komrade Obama to be President of the United States subject to the laws of the country. They did NOT elect him to be King of the United States above the laws of the United States.

Speaker of the House Boehner needs to start articles of impeachment of Obama, aka The Komrade President REMF, as soon as humanly possible. If he is incapable of doing this, then he needs to relinquish his position as Speaker immediately, so that the House membership can put someone in that has the guts to go ahead with impeachment. Of course, it goes without saying that the Senate, under the leadership, such as it is, of Dirty Harry Reid, will acquit Obama. But at least he may finally get the message that we are fed up with him.

And another consequence of impeachment would be to get him sent back to Chicago on January 20, 2013. We can only hope.


DAVE01 said...

LW, you want the total number of deaths caused by criminal aliens? What does it matter? One is one too many. So you are willing to accept a certain number of dead American children. Fuck you are low. Great, will you be willing to sacrifice your own because you are asking somebody else to sacrifice theirs (if you have any)? Don't forget, these deaths are preventable.

I bet the folks in Germany in the 1930's kinda believed like you. We don't mind sacrificing the mentally retarded and handicapped children. We don't mind sacrificing the gypsies. We don't mind sacrificing the Jews. I guess the NAZI and communists evil did not disappear, you've kept it alive.

So, one child being sacrificed is okay with you. How many dead children is too many and do you mind sacrificing yours?

LW said...

As I thought. You drone on and on and on this blog about this alleged pandemic of illegal-"alien"-caused deaths of children, but when asked for some detail or documentation, you can't even pull a number out of your bigot ass to illustrate what you're talking about.

You've got nothing, Dave. Nothing. Nothing except a big mouth and the tired old tactic of screaming that anyone who disagrees with you must "hate" children and "support" their being killed. Yours is the response of an idiot who is shit-faced drunk.

Why are you even here? Why do you bother going online in the first place? Why do you even get up in the morning?

You like to blame everything on Democrats. I've got to ask: Are you their fault, too?

Anonymous said...

Everify, Arizona sb1070 and all the other ridiculous state laws passed to target immigrants mean nothing now.

Anonymous said...

Thats what they do, come here to take, take, take. If you consider trash, pesticides, and irreversible destruction of our forest lands due to marijuana grows giving back, well then I guess they do! Aren't we the lucky ones to have that shit- hole Mexico stuck to our asses like a hemmorhoid.

DAVE01 said...

LW, I see that you belittle the deaths of American children at the hands of criminal aliens which is a totally preventable death. As long as somebody mows your yard and you put their true costs on the rest of the taxpayers I guess you call that a win win. Hitler and mao tse tung and pol pot and the rest of the mass murderers last century would have loved you since you support their ideas so well.

It seems hard for American children to even be protected in their own country with people like you and Obama here. Do they even have a right to complain as they are being murdered or should they just shut up as they die?

DAVE01 said...

Hey LW this piece of shit should have deported but Obama said no. Four more dead people so Obama can have some more votes. Was it worth it to you? His previous drunk driving arrest was only a class C misdemeanor. I guess he wasn't dangerous enough to be deported. Is four dead people enough to stop this amnesty now or we need additional dead people? If so, how many is enough? Maybe there is no limit for you, you don't care how many dead people are out there.

DAVE01 said...

I forgot the link:

LW said...

And again: No number, but more idiotic drivel.

What did I say, Dave? Go back and read it. I said:

I don't want anecdotes ... I want a number. A nationwide, factual, verifiable number and the originating source that you got it from.

Even if you can't or won't do that, Dave, you'd go a long, long way in establishing a modicum of credibility (because right now, you have zero) if you would not base your "arguments" on your wild-ass, kool-aid laced fantasies about other people alleged positions.

By which I mean: To invent other people's positions.

To put it another way, the only thing I've "belittled" here is you.

Anonymous said...

The racist anti-immigrant loons are howling at the moon. They were outsmarted and all their racist nutty laws passed by their clown buddies have become null and void.

Anonymous said...

Guess it'll be a while longer before Miglavs can rest.

DAVE01 said...

LW, They don't track these numbers. Maybe you should ask some politician why don't track the numbers. They have every reason to hide them. They don't want the truth to be known.

You have not belittled me. I fight to protect the children who are being murdered and killed by these criminal aliens, you fight to keep policies in place that get them killed. It's been decades since I've given a shit what people say about me. I'm not a teen age kid. You belittle the deaths of people since you are concerned about the numbers, not the deaths. One is one too many in my book. The sky is the limit for dead Americans in your book. People like you are helping people like Obama set the rules which result in the deaths of Americans every day. That asshole bush did it too.

I only hope that you or a family member can experience some of the consequences like those four did in that article. You should walk in their shoes to experience their life, I mean death.

ANON 12:25 AM Crawl back into your mother's basement. Racist anti-immigrant. Keep throwing those terms around incorrectly.

DAVE01 said...

LW, One more thing. These several hundred thousand criminal aliens will get work permits. I hope that one of your friends or family member loses a jobs and then their hose so they can experienced what a wonderful president we have. Let me know if that happens so I can have a good laugh. Since another of obama's policies will put a few more hundred thousand people out of work, I want your family and friends to experience their fair share of the pain.

DAVE01 said...


LW said...

They don't track these numbers...

Finally, a candid response.

So what it boils down to, Dave, is that you come in here almost daily to rant about "illegal aliens" killing children as if it is nothing less than a full-blown pandemic. That's what it sounds like, listening to you. That's what a person who knew absolutely nothing about the issue would assume, listening to you. If they had children, they would fear to allow their children out of the house, anticipating that "illegal aliens" would swoop out in such numbers that it would resemble a zombie holocaust.

That's bullshit and you know it.

The death of any child, for any reason, is a horrific, awful and profoundly sad thing. Did you read the story on the front of the Oregonian this morning about the fatal abuse case. I nearly threw up reading it. I had to stop. I couldn't finish it. That's my REAL, instinctive reaction to the death of a child. At anyone's hands. So my point here, Dave, when you suggest that my attitude about the death of children is one of celebration, tacit support or apathy, my instinct is to say to you "Fuck you, fuck you again, and fuck you some more." Honestly, is that the best you can do? Is that all you've got? If so, you have nothing to say.

I'm sure that we both feel the same way about the death of innocents. I'll give you that. Will you give me that? Or are you going to continue resorting to idiotic insults that border on the psychotic?

The difference between you and I, Dave, is that I don't think it's really the deaths themselves that bother you the most. Because I'll bet more children die a year choking on chicken bones than are killed by illegal immigrants, and I don't hear you ranting about that. That may be a bit of a stretch, but I would almost be willing to bet money that more children are killed by their parents than are killed by immigrants. One is too many, right? So tell me: How are you "fighting" that, Dave?

Thanks, anyway, for admitting that they don't track those numbers.

That you, in other words, don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

DAVE01 said...

LW, Here you go. A four year old, DEAD from a criminal alien who would be in line for obamaamnesty. This is a documented dead child. The criminal alien had previous arrests and was not deported. Thank God we didn't deport him, Obama and the demodRATS need that vote more than that child needs to live.

You should contact the boys family and say it doesn't matter because they don't track the number of children killed by criminal aliens. That will make them feel better.

That's the way to do it, attempt to ridicule me over the death of children.

As for your long rant, some things are PREVENTABLE, SOME THINGS ARE NOT. We don't have control if a child chokes on chicken, we do (should) have control on who is in our country. That is the difference.

The politicians take an oath to uphold the US Constitution, not the mexican one and they violate their oath by such actions. Their treasonous actions have consequences and our children are paying for it with their lives and their future.

The politicians are more interested in pandering for votes to stay in power, not to protect our children and innocents.

When people start to vote for people with better morals and values, our country will be much better off.

LW said...

Fascinating. Ninety-eight percent of what I'm saying to you is clearly flying in one ear and out the other, having never touched a single brain cell. I am in awe of you, my friend. I do not say that lightly. Genuine stupidity is an amazing thing to witness.

Hate Socialism Love Freedom said...

UPDATE; Big surprise (not) The Oregonian and the Nat'l Council of La Raza (the brown race that Hates all whites/blacks/asians) are HAPPY that over 300,000 Illegal aliens will now be given Amnesty and even more Americans plus the 100,000 + legal immigrants coming here every month will lose their job as well.

PROOF again that the Democrats & Mexicans/Latino's all want us 100% dependent on Big Brother to survive!

Anonymous said...

To LW, far left Media does not report on Murder/Torture/Rape/Pedophilla via an illegal alien BUT police report does show an I.C.E. hold.

Media does not report that on purpose usually because they have told me story is written asap but police details can take a day or two to obtain. With computers that info is in seconds now, so the Media lies again.

IF you really want the Truth -Locally; David Cross is on Lars Larson every Thur.s highlighting the huge numbers of Illegals in OR. jails/prisons for Murder/Rape/Child sexual Penetration/etc.

Nationwide; the Dept. of Homeland Security reports several hundred thousand (over 400,000) illegals being deported last year that had a serious repeat criminal history.

You can keep your head in the sand but meanwhile Americans are being KILLED/RAPED/MAIMED for LIFE by people that could not KILL/etc. if our immigration laws/border were actually enforced.

Pres. Hussein Obama says FUCK you Congress and the Citizens too win a few votes!


Anonymous said...

Unemployed? Trouble paying Rent/Mortage? or buying Food?

If you were an "immigrant" only need apply, Farmworker (YES that means YOU have a job/paycheck) YOU could enjoy a brand new 3 Bed. 2Bath Apt. w/ Washer/Dryer/internet/groceries/computer and more all included for only $300 p/month thanks to the Taxpayers.

Broke state of Oregon hands out over $40 Million for 800 new units of "affordable" housing and YES - FHDC gets $10 mil. of that too expand in Woodburn.

How can this be "good for the economy"!? Obviously it isn't.

Anonymous said...

Here is a better link too housing for working immigrants taxpayer hand outs...(unemployed Americans YOUR Gov't says; Fuck off!)

Anonymous said...

Is your mom's basement still working out for you, Dave? Does she give you your space?

Chris said...

Hit & run murder of a 4 year old last week....

"...has two previous arrests for driving without a license, records show. Five days before Thursday's crash, police said, he was told not to drive until a court appearance in October."

Amazing that he didn't listen to the order not to drive, huh. Why anyone chooses to protect or justify these scumbags is truly beyond me.

Anonymous said...

DIdn't Christ say "He who is perfect cast the first stone"? And "Judge not, lest ye be judged yourself"?

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:14 PM
Wasn't there some commandment thingy that says thou shalt not steal, thous shalt not kill? Did Jesus condone stealing and killing? Did Jesus condone raping young girls which is mexican culture?

DAVE01 said...

Hey Lw, here's one for you. He's not a child, he was only 23, but what the hell. He's somebody's child and somebody will miss him.

I'm sure this criminal should have been rewarded with an obamaamnesty. I wonder if he's considered a danger now that he's killed someone? Probably not by the democRATS, he's just another vote for them. Votes for democRATS are more important than the lives of American children.

Anonymous said...

"When are you going to get it through your head that this happens because this is what the rich and powerful want to happen?"


First post nails it.

Illegal workers aren't going away, because American business depends on them. That is an economic fact.

And if conservatives paid more than lip service to the "free market" mantra, they'd have no problem with a free market for labor, too.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I just read this entire thread, and thoroughly enjoyed watching you get your ass rhetorically kicked by someone who is clearly smarter and more sane than you.

You really, truly do sound psychotic and delusional Dave. I'm not just saying that to insult you, or because I disagree with your politics. If ANYONE tried to "argue" the way you do, I would simply assume that person was borderline retarded or was in some other manner emotionally disturbed.

I am SO glad you're on the "other" side Dave, because people like YOU are your own movement's worst enemy. That's because people like YOU, with your outrageous and illogical comments, are easy to hold up as examples of the true motives of the anti-illegal movement, and the irrational extremism that is tied to it.

Add in a child predator like Bruce the Barber, a former gang banger and criminal like Daniel, and the entire other cast of misfits and "life's losers" who post here regularly, and it's hard to not sit here on the sidelines and laugh at all of you.

To make sure that your side loses, people like me don't have to do anything. We just have to sit here and watch people like you continually put your foot so far in your mouth, that it starts to come out of your ass.

It's always easier to win any war, when the other side is killing itself for you.

Fucking uneducated, racists, hilljack imbeciles. Yes, THAT is the public perception of Daniel and others like him.

And it puts a big ol' smile on my face knowing this. ;)

Bryan said...
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Anonymous said...

"Wasn't there some commandment thingy that says thou shalt not steal, thous shalt not kill? Did Jesus condone stealing and killing? Did Jesus condone raping young girls which is mexican culture?"

I don't see anyone on this blog stealing, killing or raping. But I see a lot of fingers being pointed and judgment being passed by people who pass themselves off as christians or followers of christ.

Also, you have no idea what mexican culture is.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 10:46 AM
Since you are calling me insane, what are your facts? Since you are calling illogical the way I present my hypothesis and evidence backing it up, what is your evidence? I admit it was just thrown together, but the statement and facts proving it are sound.

I originally wanted to know how many children will be sacrificed as a results of this amnesty. I was challenged on the point that illegal immigration is the cause for the deaths of infants (I said children) and I gave TWO current examples which proves my statement. One was a four year old and the other was a twenty four year old. Can you disprove it?

The only way you could if those were not criminal aliens or that little kid and that adult are not dead. If either one is true, I can find other examples.

I love being called a retard. It hurts my feelings so much. Ha ha.

I'm against any type of amnesty since that is rewarding criminal actions and behavior. You must be on the side, which is primarily a liberal stance, which wants amnesty for the criminal aliens. You either can't see that giving amnesty to these criminal aliens will results in deaths of American children (which I proved) or you are completely fucking psychotic. I thought of one other thing, you might think it's okay to have dead children as long as obama gets his votes.

We can see the liberals these days siding with the statists and we all know how well those countries treated their citizens last century. Hell, the liberals even have Che Guevara as one of their idols. He was one of the statists/progressive/liberal/democRATS hereos. He murdered women and children. You tell me you are on the other side. Therefore, you must be on Che's side. Anyone who is on his side of the aisle is sick and should have been aborted at birth. Your side murdered one hundred million of their citizens last century.

Again I make a statement and back it up with facts.

Sorry pal, you can call me insane all you want but when you side with the mass murdering commies and hitler types, you have proved you are nuttier than a fruitcake.

I could be completely wrong and you are just making money off the criminal alien labor and you don't give a shit how many innocents are sacrificed as long as you are making money.

ANON 10:21 PM
You do not see any killers or thieves on this blog, but you do see their defenders.

The mexican culture was derived from the Axtecs and the Spaniards and some other groups. The Aztecs were bloodthirsty head choppers and the spaniards murdered and stole their way across half of this hemisphere. It's a shithole country and culture. If it wasn't, there wouldn't be millions of them here and half the country wouldn't want to come here too.

Again, I make a statement and back it up with facts.

Disprove that!

Anonymous said...

Dave, you are certifiable proof that the most ignorant people among us, often have no idea that they're ignorant.

DAVE01 said...

ANON 8:50 AM

Atta boy fruitcake, dodge the question with an insult.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:21, I think most of us at this point are all too familiar with Mexican culture. It is nauseating and criminal. Also, I am really sick of the fake cowboy boots/hats they wear while oggling young girls, I mean children. Barf! So lets sum up their "culture" shall we? Welfare, drugs/dealing, loud circus music, drunk driving (fleeing the scene), coronas, knife fights, gang violence, dog/cock fighting,I.D. theft, job theft, underage girls, and having as many offspring back-to-back as possible.