Friday, February 02, 2007

Skin color requirement... ideology requirement also?

Diversity conference set on campus
The continuing debate over immigration in America will be examined through the eyes of five prominent first generation and immigrant writers of color during the New Writing, New Thinking Conference at the University of Oregon beginning Tuesday, Feb. 6.

It's fine with me that you have a "color requirement" for speaking at this event but I wonder if there will be any diversity of thought amongst the presenters. I would hope that our taxpayer supportered schools of higher-ed will allow some diversity of opinion in what they say is a "debate" rather than allow it to be a one-sided "open the borders and give amnesty" cheer.


Rick Hickey said...

hmmm They haven't called Jim or I nor Minutemean Mike?
Haven't called Col. Al Rodriguez (skin color gifted for program)of "You don't speak for me".

Didn't invite rep. Sal Esqiuval, hispanic co-sponsor of English only Bill?

Could this be a one-sided hug fest?
Shouldn't School activities, funded by Legal Taxpayers, be open to all?
Where are the open minds at Colleges, not just agenda driven minds?

Being white, if I show up will I be kicked out?

Amy the Razor said...

I am can start worshipping anytime now!

Anonymous said...

I'll actually be in Eugene next Tuesday. Wonder if I should stop by and rile all the anarchists up? ;)

bjdorr said...

So I guess immigrants from Canada, England, France, Germany, Russia, Ireland, and Australia are very much out of the question and barred from particiating?

If you can hop a fence then you can participate in the club.

Scottiebill said...

Notice that bjdorr did not include the word "illegal" in his response. Perhaps "illegal" is not in his vocabulary. HMMMMMMMMM?

bjdorr said...

Scottiebill, trust me, "illegal immigrants," or "illegal aliens" as I call them, is in my vocabulary, and illegal immigrants are not welcomed here in the United States.

Sure, illegal immigrants come to the States to screw and drop ten "anchors" out of the womb that will forever leech on our services and benefits reserved for legal taxpaying American citizens, depriving every critical services such as fire, police, and education of tax funding so it can be directed towards funding more "Amnesty and Immigration" counselors in colleges.

Anonymous said...

Diversity = racism.

Anonymous said...


Bryan Saxton said...

It seems like you already have your minds made up on how the conference will be ran. I challenge you to actually show up and listen before you make assertions as to the specific content of the conference.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from Eugene a few hours ago. I couldn't make this thing, nor would I have wanted to. After I sent a highly technical email to another professional, the response to that sent me over the edge. In the course of the technical components of the message, this asshat in Eugene found a way to be offended by something I said. Absolutly ridiculous. So I packed my shit up and left that office for the day, leaving those fucktards down there to their own devices. Eugene sucks.

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