Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Gay marriage in Massachusetts

Hard-core pornographic homosexual "how-to" booklet given to hundreds of kids at Brookline High School
Written by AIDS Action Committee with Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health and Boston Public Health Commission. Contains horrible medical misinformation, says physician expert in sexually transmitted diseases. QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ASKED, ANSWERS DEMANDED!

"The Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century" (Graphic) (But I guess it's good enough for high school kids...)
OH MY GOD... Initially I was thinking that I would be able to repeat a good portion of what is in the "little black book" but it is awful. What they are telling these kids should be a crime! And this was produced in part by the Boston Public Health Commision. I just can't believe what I am reading. I'm in shock.

Hat tip: Traditional Values Coalition


PdxPundit said...

Oh my god -- high schoolers talking frankly about sex? Sheesh, what's next? Them having it? Oh, wait, they've been having it for thousands of years.

You can put your hands over your eyes, but that doesn't make the bugblatter beast disappear in real life.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, abstience education not only doesn't work but it makes it less likely that students will be predicated when they do choose to have sex. I had "normal" sex ed and it didnt' drive me to have rampant sex all the time.

Anonymous said...

that has to be a joke...

jwalker said...

Well, Daniel, just keep up the good work. Yes, we do need to keep to a standard. We should tell kids to not have premarital sex because it is best for them. More kids will abstain if we expect it.

And, when I wasn't living as a Christian, nobody had to show any of my friends or myself how to use a condom. Come on, kids are smarter than that.

And it isn't OK for them to publish that stuff. Kids do talk like that, but if we do the same, they are going to think it is OK to do so. It is time for the adults to grow up and start trying to help the kids instead of giving up like your critics are doing!

Daniel said...

The vulagarity of it shocked me the most. "Normal" sex-ed doesn't talk about "piss play" or "butt lickin."

The cavalier attitude that this has towards sex is very dangerous in my opinion.

As to the first three comments:
"Oh, wait, they've been having it for thousands of years."

I'm assuming you mean high school AGE kids since high school hasn't been around for "thousands of years" but the difference was that when people had babies before they then took the responsibility to raise a family.

"I had "normal" sex ed and it didnt' drive me to have rampant sex all the time."

Maybe because you are a sissy liberal and woman just aren't attracted to that?

"that has to be a joke..."

Nope, passed out at a high school with the help of tax dollars!