Friday, May 20, 2005

Contact Rep Krieger

From OFF alerts:

HB 2768, which was supposed to allow CHL holders to purchase firearms without a background check was "gut and stuffed" with language the Oregon Sheriffs wanted to make it easier to deny and revoke handgun licenses. All the good language was removed. (The new language is not yet available on the legislative website.)

Both OFF and the NRA expressed opposition to elements of the bill. We were told that new amendments would be drafted and attached to the bill in full committee. Both OFF and NRA stated that until we saw the amendments, we opposed the bill.

If this bill gets to the House floor and on to the Senate, a bad bill could turn into a nightmare bill.

Please contact the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee and tell him to do whatever it takes to stop HB 2768.

Representative Wayne Krieger

Sample letter: (copy and paste)
Dear Representative Krieger,HB 2768 moved out of your committee in spite of your assurances that it would not.

There is no reason to believe that problems with the bill that were not corrected in your committee will be addressed when the bill is in the hands of Ginny Burdick, whose animosity towards gun owners is well known.

I urge you to do whatever you must to make sure this bill is pulled off the House floor. Please keep your promise to gun owners.

Very truly yours,


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Gullyborg said...

DAMMIT! I wrote that bill when I worked for Rep. Nelson.


Daniel said...

It's been "gut and stuffed" now. You wouldn't even recognize it!

Gullyborg said...

Gullyborg said...

whoops, looks like it cut off the end of the URL:



just string that all together.

Anonymous said...

I congratulate Rep. Krieger on his EXCELLENT WORK!

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