Wednesday, May 25, 2005

So easy a kid could do it...

Probe finds Mexican students crossing border to attend school
Students living in Mexico have been regularly crossing the border to attend school in a remote southern Arizona community, a misuse of taxpayer funds, the state's top education official said Wednesday.

State schools Superintendent Tom Horne said an investigator he sent to the port of entry in Lukeville videotaped students walking across the border to a bus stop 200 yards north, then taking school buses to the community of Ajo.

...the Arizona attorney general's office said it would not investigate because there was no allegation of a crime.

I am so tired of our public officials turning a blind eye to crime. Perhaps the Arizona AG should go back to law school, or even listen to McGruff during a 3rd grade "take a bite out of crime" presentation. Violating our nation's soverienty to use government services is against the law. It is illegal to cross the border without permission/documentation.

Perhaps the next time I need to use the bathroom I will use the Arizona AG's house to take an "undocumented crap."

And what does it say about our border security if a child can cross every day with consistency to get to school? What kind of morons are running the show here?


Anonymous said...

I support their initiative in doing this. I've heard of kids who do the reverse.

Daniel said...

The reverse of what? American kids who go to Mexican schools?

Anonymous said...

Down with Mexican children! Keep them out!

Anonymous said...

Jawhol Mein Fuhrher

jwalker said...

It seems, because I work first-hand in the schools, that we are having a hard enough time funding what little programs we have left without paying for undocumented kids. If their parents are in the system of paying for the schools....fine. But if not, the system cannot support these children if we get too many of them for a long enough time. It's math, not hatred anonymous.