Friday, May 27, 2005

A No-Brainer

Oregon State Rep Krummel Sponsors Sex Offender Web Site Legislation
"Our research shows 48 other states have a web site to profile dangerous sex offenders, I was shocked to learn Oregon was not one of them," said Krummel. There are more than 16,000 registered sex offenders in Oregon, hundreds of them are categorized as predatory.

"High profile cases like the disappearance of Brooke Wilberger in Corvallis, have raised the public's demand for information," noted Krummel. "Information about these sex offenders is already available from state and local authorities, but not nearly as extensive or as updated as we could provide on a state agency web site."

For the past five years OSP has provided lists of registered sex offenders to residents who request the information by phone. A few counties operate their own local web sites and provide data through their community corrections departments. Krummel pointed out, "this is a very frustrating process for citizens who are trying to protect their families from these high risk offenders."

The state police already have all the neccessary information, it's just a matter of putting it on a website. Why wouldn't we do this?

Thank Representative Krummel (my representative) for his work in helping to protect kids and for going on the Lars Larson show yesterday to talk about the issues!


jwalker said...

This really hits home because we have a sex offender here that used to work with children that is back working with them again privately as a teacher. I wanted to find him on the sex-offender list, but that info. cannot be released. What is the point of being registered? I needed that info. to show a person who needed it. What a crock.

Daniel said...

This is another instance where the ACLU is partly responsible. They have sued in the past to protect the "rights" of these sex-offenders. Fortunately the courts did not agree with them and most states do publish the info. Rep. Krummel is working to get Oregon to join the rest of the country!

Anonymous said...

sex offender registry - protect the kids.