Saturday, May 07, 2005

Doing something important. Really important.

Senate Endorses Creation of Environmental Justice Task Force
SALEM – The Oregon State Senate today overwhelmingly approved a bill creating an Environmental Justice Task Force. The twelve member task force would advise the Governor and natural resource agencies about environmental justice issues, which arise when environmental problems have a disproportionate negative impact on some populations but not on others.

"Environmental Justice?" "Disproportionate negative impact on some populations..."

"In 1992 the Environmental Protection Agency concluded that racial and ethnic minorities were disproportionately subjected to exposures of various pollutants and the accompanying adverse health effects," said Senator Gordly.

1992 huh. This seems like they are moving fast for government work. But seriously, I have noticed that the smog concentrates around my Hispanic neighbor's house while leaving the "white" houses alone. I can see how this is necessary.

The new task force will have five major duties including...

After the major players appoint their cousins, business associates, and people who are owed political favors this committee will meet in places such as Sun River and Depoe Bay where they will discuss their golf swings, I mean, the environment and it's affect on "those people who mow their lawns."

They will requisition $3000 laptops, $900 desk chairs, and an unlimited credit line at Starbucks. Then they will hire a committee member's cousin as a independent contractor for $30,000 to create a PowerPoint presentation that a 6th grade child could do.

Their findings will conclude that:
a) Much environmental "discrimination" exists.
b) Their committee must meet again in Sun River, preferably in July, to further examine this issue.
c) They need newer laptops.

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