Monday, May 30, 2005

Ignore the fact that they killed two people in front of a child

Images conflict of youths held in slayings in Marion County
Authorities describe the teens as burglars who shot possible witnesses; their families tell of church, football and dreams
The authorities aka "the man" are just being totalitarians again, picking on hapless teens. However, the author of this by-line neglects to mention that the teens themselves admit to being burglars who shot possible witnesses.

One played football in middle school. Another liked basketball. None had a criminal record.

They were regular teens, looking for a summer job or preparing to attend community college in the fall. They all went to the same school.
If "regular teens" commit pre-meditated murder in front of a child then we have a problem.

The teens all lived in Labish Village, an unincorporated area just north of Salem. The mostly blue-collar community has a handful of streets, some facing farm fields. Many of the homes were built 50 years ago. Children run and play in the streets or in a pocket park with a basketball hoop and play area.
Who cares? These superfluous details are meant to distract you from the severity of the crimes committed and to paint a more rosy, humanized picture of who the Fishwrapper sees as the real "victims" here: the teens and their families who must have been let down by society.

Lopez-Delgado is the second oldest of five children and recently had his first communion at a nearby Catholic Church. His 40-year-old father and 36-year-old mother work in a nursery in Woodburn. Both are from Mexico and have lived in the United States for a couple of decades. They spoke through a translator.
Illegal aliens? The Fishwrapper doesn't want to say. How you could live in America for a "couple of decades" and not be able to speak English by now is beyond me. These people must be stupid.

The 16-year-old's three brothers, ages 18, 15 and 12, and a 6-year-old sister miss him, said his mother, Elia Delgado. "Sometimes they cry alone," she said.
How sad. They miss the little monster. No mention of whether or not the two people killed have siblings who "cry alone." I guess that's not important.

Elia Delgado visited her son in jail and said he understands his mistakes. "But what can you do now?" she asked.
Apparently you don't understand you stupid woman, a "mistake" is locking your keys in the car, going to a house with the intent to kill people, then breaking into the house and shooting it's occupants dead is not a "mistake," it is a choice.

The mistake of his young life, she said, was agreeing to drive the other two teens back to Donald in his 1990 Nissan. "He said, 'I shouldn't have given them a ride,' " she said.
Where is the accountability? It wasn't a "mistake" it was a choice!!!

Over the years, her family has enjoyed good times. They picnic and drive to Detroit Lake, where they can fish from their small boat, she said. Jorge Ybarra loved basketball, and he honed his abilities at the guard position, she said.
No mention of whether the two people killed had "enjoyed good times" with their grandchild. But I guess that's not important.

A message to the author of this story:
Ron Soble: 503-302-8118;

Ron, you are a piece of shit. You should be forced to read this story aloud to the grandchild of the two people killed on the anniversary of their murders every year until the day that you die. This story that is meant to humanize these killers is disgusting journalism. There is no news here, you provided no relevant information. No one should care if these "teens" (Why do you keep calling all of them that? You don't want to mention that one is an adult?) played basketball or got "hope" from their teacher.

Who do you think the victims are here? Are the families of the killers illegal aliens? Have they trespassed in our country and now two people are dead and children will grow up without their parents because of it?

Why don't you mention the other people in the house who witnessed this grisly scene? A 4 year old child and an 80 year old woman were in the house. Is that not important to you? Which "images" conflict here Ron? The images that the killer's families probably lied to you about and the images (fact) that these worthless "teens" killed two people? Is that a "conflict" for you Ron?

Ron, contrast the sick story that you wrote with this story that talks about the real victims:
Killings bewilder Donald residents
Family, friends and residents of the small town of Donald remembered the Goodes on Wednesday as peaceful, quiet and nice people who kept to themselves but were willing to take in those who needed their help.

"They were just always really nice and quiet," said Jason Wiggins of Donald, a friend of George Ristau, the Goodes' son, since elementary school. "They were just really nice people. There's nothing bad you can say about them."

George Ristau, 23, easily recalled the kindness of his parents.


Allen said...


Is this Sobe with a publisher and where can I find his original story?

Daniel said...

To get the whole story just click the link below my title. I know my format is a little different. I put my title, then the title of original story with a hyperlink embedded, then excerpts from the story with my comments in red.

Solbe's contact info:
Ron Soble: 503-302-8118

Send him an email!

The Rambling Taoist said...

Murderers are people too. I'm certainly NOT condoning their actions, but to characterize them as "monsters" is disingenuous.

Like the rest of us, people who kill other people have hopes, dreams and aspirations. They go to the bathroom. They eat, sleep and play. Many have families whom they love.

None of this, of course, EXCUSES their heinous actions. But it's informative to learn of their lives if only to try to figure out where their lives took a turn for the worse.

Daniel said...

The point of this article was not to "figure out where their lives took a turn for the worse" but to tell us how they "played football" and were "good kids."

I don't care about that stuff. This article went into no detail about the true victims lives, what their hobbies were, were they good parents? Contrast this to the Statesmen Journal article.

If you want to "figure out where their lives took a turn for the worse" perhaps the paper could have looked into the culture of illegal aliens. Lawbreakers who have no respect for boudaries and rules. How come we don't see that angle?

Anonymous said...

What's your problem with illegal aliens Daniel? Why do they make you so mad?

I don't know if you're familiar with Jack Peek and his crazed rantings, but you're sounding a lot like him. Not pretty.

Daniel said...

Why do rapists make you mad? Why do drug dealers make you mad? Why do any criminals make you mad? Because they break the law!!!

I've read a couple Peek comments on Jack Bog's Blog. Smart guy.

jwalker said...

I have been avoiding reading this whole thread because the thought of what those men did to those people in front of a child makes me border-line depressed.

Journalism is a powerful force in this country and they need to be held with their feet to the fire when they pull crap like this.

Anonymous said...

Responsible journalism presents both sides of the story. As you can see from the second half of Daniel's post, the complete story of the victims was presented by the Statesman Journal, and it was presented first.

Unless you can prove that any statements presented in the article about the ALLEGED murderers, who have yet to go to trial, are untrue, then the journalist and the Statesman Journal acted responsibly.

It's always a crack up to read criticisms of the journalism profession from people who know absolutely NOTHING about conventional journalism practices and purposes.

Get a clue. Take a journalism class. Get an education about what is "responsible" journalism before you make asses out of yourselves.