Monday, May 30, 2005

Our "partner" Mexico

Corridors of empowerment
Changing the face of high school graduates to include more Hispanics requires an effort that begins about 12 years before commencement day.

It takes an international effort between two countries that share responsibility for these students.

The Mexican Consulate in Oregon signed an agreement with the state called the Oregon-Mexico Educational Partnership. The hope is to "bridge the gap between the Mexican students and the rest of the population of students in the state," said Oregon's Consul General Fernando Sánchez Ugarte.

He cited the example of Stephens Middle School in Salem where Principal Neil Anderson "went on a mission to hire as many bilingual people as he could to meet the needs of his more than 300 Latino students and their families."

New positions of Hispanic community outreach coordinator and migrant specialist were added and existing positions of office manager, custodian, teachers' aides and several teachers were filled with Spanish speakers.

If you are a Mexican student your school should be in Mexico. American students should be in school in America. And you stupidwinyy liberals who are going to leave the "you're a racist" comments please keep in mind that "Mexican" is not a race, it is a nationality. Hispanic is a race and I have no problem with Hispanics, as long as they are Americans, being educated in our schools.

What I do have a problem with is the pandering to illegal aliens. I understand that the Supreme Court has said that we must provide schooling for these kids. Fine. But don't make it enjoyable for them. Don't pander to their foreign culture. Make THEM adapt. Make THEM do the changing. Make THEM put out the extra effort.

When a foreign county is our "international partner" is getting it's citizens educated at our expense then something is wrong. What does America get out of this? Nothing. We get screwed. "But Mexico is our partner on so many things" you say? Like what? The war on terror? No, we got screwed there. Securing our borders? Don't make me laugh. Keeping narcotics out of our country? Hah! Mexico loves drug money. But our "partner" respects our values right? Wrong. Since America believes in the death penalty Mexico will not extradite murders or anyone facing a possible death sentence.

That corrupt, worthless country subsists on illegal money that comes from America. Illegal workers take billions of dollars from our economy and send it south. 80% of the meth in our country comes from our "partner" Mexico. And what do we do? We make sure that our teachers can educate their children in their language and in their culture.

Excuse me while I go throw up.


Allen said...

Please wait till I'm done.

Daniel said...

Maybe instead of waiting I'll just walk across the border to throw up...

Anonymous said...

My Daniel, you sure do get your panties in a wad, so much so it keeps you from typing legibly. But here's a question for you. Governor Arnold from California maintains his accent. He's a foreigner. Yet, he's white, and he's a governor. Do you have problems with him too?

I await your frothing at the mouth commentary.

Daniel said...

*wipes froth from mouth*
Arnold came to our country legally. I'm not concerned with skin color here, I don't want illegal alien Canadians, Swedes, Germans, etc. either. I just don't like people breaking the law and violating our nations soveriegnty.
*wipes more froth from mouth*

PacificNW Girl said...

Daniel, I have some pictures from a sign in the Hillsboro Taco Bell that you might find interesting.

I can't find your email address listed on this blog so hopefully you'll get this through your comments.

Email me and I'll send them to you.

stacyc75 at gmail dot com