Monday, May 23, 2005

Taxpayer funded sexual harassment havens

'Statesman Journal' Examines Sex harassment at Oregon's Public Universities
SALEM, Ore. (AP) Students at Oregon's public universities are vulnerable to repeat cases of sexual harassment because schools fail to tell them about confirmed cases of sexual harassment, according to the results of an investigation published in the Statesman Journal of Salem.

The newspaper's investigation also found that any punishments for confirmed harassers are usually kept from the general public, and that public universities have not done comprehensive surveys on the number of students who get sexually harassed by professors and peers.

The "brilliant" minds in academia support a women's right to choose, but only to kill her baby, not to choose to be free from sexual harassment. Why are public agencies allowed to hide these things? Why is there not mandatory reporting? How can any parent feel safe sending their daughter to a university where "confirmed harrassers" are allowed anonymity?

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