Monday, May 30, 2005

Our "partner" Mexico: Part 2

Mexico puts anti-dumping quotas on US steel tubing
Mexico said on Friday it was putting compensatory tariff quotas on steel tubing imported from the United States, arguing that unfair imports were hurting local industry.

The new tariffs range from 6.77 percent to 25.43 percent.

Mexico imports most of its steel tubing from the United States, its partner along with Canada in the North American Free Trade Agreement.

We should tax every wire transfer, money order, and dollar bill that gets sent from America to Mexico. Set the rate at 25%.


jwalker said...

Well that's just great. This is the same country that is wagging it's finger at us for daring to suggest less of their people come to our country for work and a better way of life. What a bunch of maroons.

Daniel said...

I think that this is one of the things that CAFTA could remedy. Our exports would then be duty free.