Monday, January 23, 2006

Getting a college education

Lecture series covers ‘intersex’
There were no seats left in the room for attendees

“Common sense dictates that males and females should be classified by the appearance of their genitals. The biological reality is more complex, in terms of variability and mechanisms,” said Vilain. There are classifications such as chromosomal sex, genetic sex, gonadal sex, hormonal sex, internal reproductive structures, external genitalia and “brain sex.”

Of course, common sense. Who wouldn't classify "brain sex" as equal to "actual sex"? It's just common sense.

Concert Rocks the Ballroom
The MU Ballroom was rocked Friday night with the sounds of hip-hop and rap from Northwests artists. Not only did it provide weekend entertainment for class-weary students, but it was for a good cause, too.

The hip-hop/rap show featured live music from artist such as Neema from Unexpected Arrival, Mo X and Lil G, Red Head Steve, Xile and Pain.

It being for "a good cause" aside, listening to lyrics about bitches and hos isn't what college is all about.

On-campus group is ready to Rock 4 Choice
Mention “activism,” and most OSU students will run away faster than you can say “Here comes campus police.” However, this Friday night, the apathetic OSU population will find that activism and hard-rocking are not so far away from one another.

This Friday at 7:30 p.m., Pro-Choice OSU and the Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance will present Rock 4 Choice, a concert and raffle for the new on-campus group Pro-Choice OSU.

The OSU students run from campus police? Why would they do that? Is it because they drive drunk? Is it because they kidnap gay sheep? Is it because they assualt national guard soldiers because they are white? Is it because they try to pay taxi drivers with marijuana? Why?

But seriously, college is all about celebrating sticking forks into babies skulls and sucking their brains out.


Anonymous said...

I think it is unfair to catagorize all rap as "bitches and hos". there are many rap artists attempting to counteract the gangster influence.

Gunslinger said...

And they are?

Anonymous said...

How about kj52, Pigeon John, John Reuben, Mars Ill and Toby Mac to name a few, you stupid idiot. I thought you bing a conservative you would at least know these well known rappers.

You know what really aggrevates me is when Lars Heads only absorb but don't so any research or think for themselves.

Tell me the lyrics of Neema from Unexpected Arrival, Mo X and Lil G, Red Head Steve, Xile and Pain that refer to women as "bitches and hos". You may have been listening to Dick Cheney in the Senate Chambers.

Portland, OR

Rick said...

Tell me the lyrics of Neema from Unexpected Arrival, blahblahblah

I don't consider myself a Lars Head, but I couldn't tell you lyrics of music that I consider to be crap. Given the majority of the music (HA) that is put out by "Rappers" is just that, crap, I choose not to listen to all of it.

Tim Lewis said...

Those are all Christian rappers. I know all of them. In fact I've seen tobymac in concert.

How many people from OSU are listening to Christian music?

Tim Lewis said...

I doubt the rappers Tom Alexander from Portland, OR. stated would be calling people a "stupid idiot". What happened to your argument? That's right. I killed it.

How's that for research?

Daniel said...

I will concede to Tim that I didn't do any research on the rap groups. Hat Tip to him for the fact checking.

I do stereotype the genre which I feel has been extremely harmful to America but I take back what I said about these groups.

Gunslinger said...

I am a stupid idiot apparently, asking you to back up your lame ass statement. And my (bing) a conervative has nothing at all to do with knowing any Christian bands.

Since you just assume that we are all the same, which makes you a dipshit at best, you have overlooked the fact that some of us listen to a variety of music, ranging from blues to death metal. From a know thy enemy standpoint, I listen to ludacris, eminem, 50 cent, kanye west, ying yang twins, and others. And yes, I do know Tobymac. I wasn't the one making the broad statement, I was just asking you to back up your statment from the standpoint that not everyone may know. You are the one that took it as some sort of attack, probably because you are weak in character, as well as stature.

Grow up, not everyone is out to get you, this is an informal discussion site, so try not to be an asshole right out of the box.

It is really hard to take someone who is talking about counteracting negative societal norms and connotations, when they are calling people stupid idiots. Good job, you just made every argument you post here from now on worth nothing. Enjoy the ride.

Tim Lewis said...

I looked up some lyrics from these "performers". Most of them were too unknown to find or too foul for me to type.

Mo-X said...

I just want to point out that I am Mo-X and I’m more than a college graduate. 2003 was a rough year for me and music was my escape, hence the reason why my first album is named ‘Angry Soul’.
Look, I can tell you that I only refer to woman as bitches when they're acting like one. 100% of the women who have ever listened to my music know I'm not referring to them; I'm referring to their bitch friend since we all have them. Let's cut the crap, bitches exist and there's a ton of them in America. I can't speak for anywhere outside here because I've never been there.