Saturday, January 21, 2006

Cornelius protest: Part tres

Start three posts down to see this from the begining (part uno and dos) and make sure you check out the other blogger's links who were there with me.

Let's get right to the meat and potatos:

(click on pictures to enlarge)
The person on the right is me, the person on the left is Benjamin*. That thing in Benjamin's hand? A Matricula Consular Card, a sham ID that is accepted by the Oregon DMV so that illegal aliens can get drivers licenses.

Why does this matter? Because the drivers license is the number one form of ID we use and we are outsourcing it's integrity and security to Mexico. We can't verify the authenticity of the Matricula card, we simply take it at face value regardless how stingent or lax the standard is to get one of these cards.

Today these cards were passed out at El Centro Cultural.

Now I know what your thinking: Daniel, why are you harrassing those poor undocumented immigrants, they just come here to do jobs that American's won't do.

I know, it's with those jobs that they can afford cars like this:

So yes, I'm feeling really sorry for them at this point. So thankfully our state agencies were inside to help those families that contribute so much to our economy...

It's wonderful that families like this one who probably pay no income tax and maybe a few thousand in property taxes get schooling, health care, food, etc for their children. And yes, those are official "Oregon Worksource" bags they are carrying. Your tax dollars at work.

*Names not changed to protect the innoncent, they aren't innoncent, they are criminal aliens.


Allen said...

The thick exhaust smoke coming from all the old beaters in picture #2 makes it difficult to get a good look so as to determine the age and condition of the many parked vehicles there.

Do you suppose the pavement is oily as the average Wal-Mart parking lot?

Oh yes, where were all the E-Plates parked or are we taxpayers picking up the Public Servants private car travel mileage as well as their Saturday over-time?

Polish Immigrant said...

Daniel, I know the editor of the Forest Grove News Times. I will call him on Monday and ask him if he will write anything for the next Wednesday's edition. If he refuses, I will write a letter to the editor. Lately, I've been writing them once a month or so because there is no other conservative voice in that paper.

Michael T. said...

I'm proud to know you and sorry we couldn't join you in Cornelius. Keep up the good fight bro. Oh allen the reason they don't take vehciles with E plates, is becuse they know we post them, so they drive their personal vehciles, with per diem and over time, I suspect.

Anonymous said...

You are a much better man that I Daniel for being so jolly in the face of this disgusting waste of Oregon tax dollars. Something needs to be done with these state department heads who are bending over backward to serve illegal immigrants.

Like I said in an earlier post.....there needs to be a serious housecleaning in Salem.

Jim in KFalls said...

Curious to know, I know that the police couldn't arrest the illegals, but could they arrest the people who are aiding and abeding criminals behavior?

RINO WATCH said...

License numbers of vehicles in the parking lot were taken. They will be run and matched to find state employees.

Furthermore, there were three new vans ($32k+ea) in the Centro p-lot.

Suspect they were Washington Co. NEW purchases.

Investigation of all this proceeds on Monday.

The criminal enterprise(s) is/are not pulling any wool over our eyes. Comprendere?

Anonymous said...

....and plates of anti immigrant stalkers will be run as well to find out who they are.

Daniel, green Dodge Caravan SE, License Plate: VMU420 to name one.
I am sure his employer and others will like to know that he spends his stalking American citizens.

Investigation of all this proceeds today. Comprendere?

jwalker said...

Nice car. Nicer than mine for sure. I'm a teacher and pay alot of taxes. I am a single mom and get no help....maybe i'm in the wrong business.

Also, if I were a terrorist wanting to blow up Seattle, I would definitely come by ship to one of Oregon's unprotected ports, get me one of those cards,an ODL and then do my damage. That's what I would do if I were a terrorist.

Sue K. said...

Good!! Let the investigations begin. The more people who find out about these carousels, the more people who will be downright angry about the way their tax dollars are being misused! Oh, and I've understood it all along.

Anonymous said...


"stalking American citizens" ??


1. that's crap
2. not concerned about American ciitizens--it's the illegals but you wouldn't understand.

self employed

Greg said...

Just to clearify - The smoking vehicles are not representative of the mostly $45k Suburbans, Excursions, Explorers and 1 VW Tureg. Not to mention the cars that had wheels on them that cost more than my car - each. These vehicle are bought by the people that are only doing jobs Americans won't do - Right!

No question, the state employees were driving their own cars and of course they're getting mileage.

Rino Watch - The 3 brand new high dollar Nissan vehicles were; 2 very well appointed Quest mini vans and a large SUV also nicely appointed that the Counsel General drove off in.

All picture that I took are available for a short time in a (large) 'zip' file HERE. They include a picture of the 3 new Nissans and a shot of the 'Temp' sticker in the back window of one of the vans. It looks like a Counselor Corp temp which would make sense.

Daniel said...

Greg was an excellent photographer! We all owe him thanks!

Anonymous said...

Don't look now Dnaiel, I think you were threatened farther up the thread.

You must be doing something right. That's how unions usually do it.