Monday, January 09, 2006

Oregon Secretary of State: Was he born stupid or is it a "lifestyle choice?"

On Saturday, Secretary of State Bill Bradbury urged participants to take a stand against proof of citizenship and other identification requirements "designed to reduce participation" in elections.

You may register to vote in Oregon if:
*You are a resident of Oregon.
*You are a United States citizen.
*You will be 18 years old by Election Day.

Three very simple requirements to be able to vote. If you don't meet those requirements then it is illegal for you to vote. I am 100% behind any effort to "reduce participation" by people who are breaking the law by voting. Our secretary of state isn't.

Hat Tip: Michael of Citizen Caucus


Anonymous said...

No,Daniel....He is not stupid, it's a clearly designed "play".

Billy Boy is the most dangerous state offical in the state. Jack Peek

Anonymous said...

"Bill Bradbury is the second most partisan, most biased, and most wreckless Secretary of State in America."
John Fund of the Wall Street Journal

If the man thinks he's fooling anybody he is stupid.

Robin said...

we need to keep track and blog roll the names of people who support illegal immigration and wasting our money so that around election time, we as bloggers can remind people NOT to put these idiots back into office and why.

Kristopher said...

The man has learned the lesson Joe Stalin taught. It ain't who gets the most votes that is important ... it's who counts the votes.

Stalin suckered the whole central committee ( including Lenin and Trotsky ) by insisting on all major decisions and appointments be by written blind ballots ... which Stalin, as secretary, got to count.

For some mysterious reason, only his handpicked men were elected to powerful positions....

Guess what Oregon's Secretary of State is in charge of?

Anonymous said...


The point is that you are effectively disenfranchising poor people if you force them to go take time and money to get new ID. Make it free and easy to get and we'll see.

Frankly, without any compelling evidence or even spurious evidence illegals are voting, this is a solution in search of a problem.

You and others have compared voting restrictions to driver's license restrictions. All fine and good except that drivers licenses are a right and voting is the most fundamental of privileges. It should be made as easy as possible.

Anonymous said...

To anon above,

You are full of crap!

Anonymous said...


you wrote:

"You and others have compared voting restrictions to driver's license restrictions. All fine and good except that drivers licenses are a right and voting is the most fundamental of privileges. It should be made as easy as possible."


Voting is a RIGHT (of CITIZENS)

Driver's licenses are a PRIVILEGE!

Anonymous said...

You're right, I got them backwards, my bad. At least I can admit when I'm wrong, unlike some people I know.

Anonymous said...

Anon above,

Didn't mean to embarass you and the correction is appreciated!

The point I'll make is that bums like Bradbury willfully lie (BS) the citizenry without conscious.

If you are close to Bradbury you are unusual. YOU have acted honorably by correcting an error.

peod in Oregon said...

WOW, no wonder it's so hard to have a logical discussion with a liberal. They seem to have the opposite view point on everything. Kind of a "Bizzaro" universe. Now a drivers license is a right. Wonder why they insist on tests, have restrictions?
Voting is a priviledge. All this time I thought I had a right to vote. Sorry for my ignorance.
It seems to me that if it's too much of an inconvenience for you to prove you live here legally then you don't deserve to vote. Besides, you will hopefully need ID in order to receive all the freebies that you think you are also entitled to from the government.
It seems that with all the concern about voting machines and stolen elections that the liberals cry about, they would be equally concerned about the legitimacy of the ones casting those votes.
Or is it because these illegals vote Democrat.

Tim Lewis said...

Voting should be as easy as possible...for those with the right to vote. For those with no right to vote, it should be as difficult as possible. I'm willing to make it difficult for them if it means I have to go through the "hassle" of showing valid proof of my right to vote.

Where is the "disenfranchisement" you're talking about? ID is as simple as a birth certificate and social security card. Anything a legal citizen has or should have.

Daniel said...

Voting in Oregon is a right for a certain class of people:

People over 18, US citizens, and Oregon residents.

We have those restrictions for a reason. Why is it reasonable to verify age and residency but not citizenship?

The same documents used to prove age can also be used to prove citizenship.

And Robin, we must absolutely list the worst offenders on this issue but we must also list our best advocates, Kropf and Thatcher come to mind. Support them with positive feedback, money and your votes!

Anonymous said...

Rep. Thatcher stood very TALL on this issue.

Kropf, MIA

a major dissapointment! Talked a good game but never testified once in committtee to this issue.

Anonymous said...


You should do more research on the Bus Project and Jefferson Smith. He is a prime example of the true flaws with liberalism. The democratic party is a line in which one waits. If you are rich or your parents know someone magically you will find yourslef at the front of the line.

Jeff Smith is the front of the line, he deserves your attention on immigration issues. You should oppose him at every turn as what is wrong.

Robin said...

Daniel, I agree. credit must be given to both sides.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, Jefferson Smith started an organization that did not hire its first staff member until 2004 (after being founded in 2002) and still relies heavily on volunteer labor. I might grant to you that Jeff is from a prominent family, but who cares? He has done the job and created a tremendous successs. It was not just him, he is merely the insipiration. If it weren't for more people than I could count, people like Jake Oken Berg, Jennifer Yocom, Sarah Masterson, Joe Baesler, Saul Etland, Garrett Downen, all of whom began as volunteers, it wouldn't exist.

Don't use that attack against the Bus, that dog don't hunt.

Tony said...

If you think that driving a bus around the state and going to preach-to-the-choir events is successful political activism, keep that up.

Most Oregonians look at it like the Partridge family, hippie bus magical mystery tour image that it portrays.

Sure, the door to door stuff is somewhat effective, but the self congratulatory hero status that this old wreck of a bus enjoys is laughable.

As for Jefferson, he is one of the most articulate communicators of liberalism I have ever heard speak since the serpent in the garden of Eden. He really is talented at inspiring people who are motivated by emotional arguments.

But I agree that he is an example of liberlism's double standard. Conservatism says "I got here, you can too." Liberalism says "I got here, but you are a greedy self serving bastard if you want to be here too. And sure I worked for it, but because some people won't, you should give yours to them."

terry said...

I came to Oregon after spending two months in a hospital and was not able to return home to collect any documents (or anything else) before coming here to stay with relatives until I was able to return to work. My stuff was not sent to me until several months after I arrived here, and even with a birth certificate I was not able to get an Oregon ID until I got a letter from the IRS (unrelated, but it was DMV-acceptable for getting ID). You're saying that in the meantime, I shouldn't be allowed to register to vote because I can't prove I'm a citizen? If I had gone out and done something to get arrested, how would law enforcement know if I was legally in the country or not? Do arrestees have to prove their citizenship too?