Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Still trying to define "social engineering"

Conference interprets ‘culturally competent’
“What is Cultural Competency? A Series of Conversations” spawned myriad questions, answers and opinions Thursday and Friday on what it means to be culturally competent and how to accomplish the task.

The general consensus of forum participants was that cultural competency is the ability to work alongside a broad array of people. How and when that is achieved, however, was debated.

See my previous post for the way that this nonsense has been defined (and re-defined) in the past. I think that they keep changing it because it's hard to push it on the public in it's current form.

Examples: Rather, cultural competence entails actively challenging the status quo and advocating for equity and social justice.

Exhibits awareness of key concepts: privilege, affirmative action, assimilation vs.pluralism, color blindness vs. color awareness, meritocracy, etc.

That's a little different than the ability to work with people. (which is a skill that the market takes care of pretty well right now, if you can't work with people then you get fired) What our elitist masters evision doing with Cultural Competency is damning caucasion males for their supposed "white privilege" and fighting for "social justice" such as the right to live on public property in a bum emcampment at taxpayer expense.


Anonymous said...

Cultural competency is trying to understand why people from foreign countries do not like the American way, even though they keep coming here. I think it is a form of Communism training so that we better understand people that hate our way of life, because their's is better and that is why they fled their failed society(their language is better too).
AMERICA...Love the Judeo-Chrisitian life and the English language or PLEASE LEAVE! please

Sailor Republica said...

Cultural Competency? Isn't that an oxymoron (emphasis on the moron).

Rob Kremer said...

Cultural competency involves "advocating for social justice."

List of some people in history motivated by "social justice": Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Castro.

Daniel said...

I agree with all three of you.