Thursday, January 05, 2006

My new plan

Genius. That's the only word for it.

First some background: I am constantly writing government officials with "public records requests." The most common answer I get is "pay us $X.XX and we will gladly send you this information."

So now I have come up with a plan. A brilliant plan.

You see, I've invented the world's most popular running shoe! I plan to start a company... I think I'll call it "Nike." I'll make millions.

Then when I ask for public records and I am told "no" I can simply send my army of lawyers to make fools of these stubborn "public servants" and get the information that I'm after.

Either that or I'll stick with my current plan: email these people endlessly until I find those few and far between state workers who are sympathetic to my cause and give me what I'm after.

So frustrating...


the barber said...

Daniel....can you call me at my barbershop tommorrow. 503-623-3772. i have been reading your blogs and those of the others and i would like to know if you could spare the time to help me create a blog because i am not the most computer literate person. I have high speed comcast and i could talk to you on the phone and follow your instructions to create a blog like the ones you guys have. I also listen to lars in the shop and Savage.....i am also a member of Oregonians for Immigration reform and just as mad as you about illegals coming in and "Mexicanizing " my country.

Daniel said...

Will you leave me your first name so I know who to ask for please.

Robin said...

Daniel I think you make an excellent point.

being the taxpayers, we provide the majority of the money to supports government.

"we are the government" and "public servants" are our employees.

so why should we have to pay them anything for services when they are living off our money anyways?

Sadly, the reality is that this is the way the system is set up, so in the meantime, keep those e-mails coming.

Anonymous said...

Bruce is the owner of the barbershop. I just spoke with him.

Daniel said...

Thanks Rick, were you able to help him out? Feel free to give him my email address if he is someone you know.

Anonymous said...

How much do they request for you to pay?

I think your blog is popular enough to fund raise to support you in these efforts.

Tim Lyman said...

Daniel -

Pay the money, then file against them in small claims court.