Thursday, January 05, 2006

So many things to "discuss"

Things for DHS to discuss:

Are we being efficient with taxpayer dollars?

Are we helping people who really need it?

Citizenship Eligibility in DHS Programs...

Huh? What is there to discuss there? ONLY CITIZENS SHOULD BE ELIGIBLE!!!

And I'm also tired of the DHS work-around that flaunts the law to give benefits to illegal aliens moms.

The hearing time and location are there on the .PDF file.

Hat Tip: Rick Hickey of OFIR for the memo


dchamil said...

"DHS workaround that flaunts the law." Perhaps it should be flouts the law.

Daniel said...

It really is "breaks the law" but what can you do if you're just a lowly citizen?

God help these people if I ever get a law degree, I'll sue them 3 times a day.