Friday, January 20, 2006

A win for law and order

Or as Portland Indymedia calls it:
Murderer Scott McCollister to be Rewarded (Again.)
It's been a few years now, since a young mother was gunned down on a cold, dark ramp near the freeway. Kendra James was only 21 years old on the night she took her last breath and bled her life away through the jagged hole made by a police bullet.

Only in Portland could a crack addict be described so lovingly...

From the (slightly less left-wing news)
Officer To Receive Back Pay, Benefits After Fatal Shooting
The city says Officer Scott McCollister, who was suspended without pay, is now entitled to that salary, worth five and a half months along with benefits with interest.

He should also get a medal for his public service.


MAX Redline said...

That depiction of James is a real stomach-turner. Those people are simply amazingly twisted.

BTW, Heads-Up -- I just noted on the Redline a couple of moments ago that 11 have been indicted by the feds on ecoterror charges here.

The indictment should be unsealed in US Federal Court in Eugene later this morning.

Jeff said...

unbeleivable! How can any logical human being call the officer the criminal.

O ya, these freaks aren't logical.

Keep up the good work, Daniel.

Rooster55 said...

Well, I went to that site and posted a message of my own. I hope it sticks in their craw.

I am the Right-wing, Jack-booted thug known as Rooster55

Thanks for the great blog Daniel. I have been lurking in the shadows for months and finally decided to say hello.

Anonymous said...

More proof Portland is really hell.
Where else do they vilify those that enforce the laws and praise/reward the criminal that tried to take the life of an officer?
I have never seen a “bad” shooting in Portland. The criminals that have been shot, have all had extensive records and put themselves in place to be shot.
The officers have all been forced to shoot.

White Devil said...

Good luck with that, Rooster. Portland Indymedia does not welcome opposing views.

In their minds, police represent an arm of the inherently evil, corrupt, racist establishment. Therefore, the police are more interested in stifling free speech and abusing minorities than maintaining law & order. Something like that, anyway.

Don't waste your time with these folks. Doing so only helps create an illusion of validity.

citizen4goodcops said...

He's not a criminal, just an incompetent murderer. What else can you call someone who can't remove a 90 lb black woman from a car with the help of several other officers and instead shoots her in the back after she was tasered. I'm not sure whether incompetence, cowardice, or racism was most responsible for his actions but he shouldn't be on the force giving good cops a bad name.

Jeff said...

okay, this last guy is an idiot. do you belive everything you read in the Oregonian and/or WW?

Get realll

Anonymous said...

rooster, your post looks to have been deleted. Funny from, considering these lefists are pro free speach in the media.

Anyway, 2 of the 4 comments to that article turn the focus to the Bush administration. Don't these Dem's have anything else they can talk about????

Daniel said...

Did anyone hear the good Reverend on Lars' show today? The silence was deafening when Lars asked him why he and "the black community" never protest when a white guy gets shot by the cops.

ex-cop said...

>> why he and "the black community" never protest when a white guy gets shot by the cops.

Gee I wonder, maybe it's because the cops are smart enough not to kill white people. If they ever did you can be sure their would be more of an uproar than over Kendra James. A 90lb white girl gets shot in the back by the police, what do you think would happen? And that's why the portland cops know better than to shoot white people in their cars, but black people, that's fine. And it will keep happening as long as cops get away with it. That's why so many cops are pissed off about McCollister. Bad cops makes being a cop more difficult and more dangerous. Support good cops by firing the bad ones.

Anonymous said...

I once considered, briefly, a career in law enforcement in the Porltand area.

I am not from here. I do work in government and do investigation of another sort.

But I would NEVER, EVER work in Law Enforcement in Portland and probably not even the state. Law enforcement is now governed by politics and perception. Hell, you can't even swear on the Portland PD without filing a report. Well "fuck" that. :)

Sorry, couldn't resist.

I feel for the law officers around here. They have a tough job, and the community just doesn't make it any easier. Talk about a thankless job. I think this one takes the cake.

Daniel said...

Gee I wonder, maybe it's because the cops are smart enough not to kill white people. If they ever did you can be sure their would be more of an uproar than over Kendra James.

What? You must not know about these shootings because there is no uproar. Take a look:




Clearly you don't know what you are talking about.

Heather Simpson said...

i tried to post on indy once and my posts 2 of them never showed up. they were nice (but Christian "speech) and apparantly very offensive to them. To be honest my comments were not even possibly able to be construed in any way as offensive (at least according to me, they probably made the others squirm, as i wrote about forgiveness and hatred and JESUS) amazing.... these bigoted hypocrites claim to protect free speech... i feel sorry for them, they are so confused about the world and truth and right and wrong

Tim Lewis said...

ex-cop = pwned

Anonymous said...

Have known a real good cop here in Portland for ten years.

He shot a guy on the 205 bridge a couple of years ago after a 100 mph chase, after a domestic dispute, after he beat his wife half to death...he stepped out of his car with an ak47 with a 30 rd mag, and turned to shoot my friend.

My friend was sick with remorse, but I asked him, "how many rounds were in the mag?, "30 he said", you saved 30 lifes I said!"

My point is how many lifes did this cop save by stopping a drug addict from speeding away down a street?

This city is for those that break the laws, that want us dead, that want the country changed to not look like it should in the name of diversity.

The people that want these things will pay the price someday, they will want a cop to defend them at any cost, but hopefully the cop will look the other way.

Jynx said...

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