Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Calm down Daniel... I AM CALM

Ever since seeing this:

Daniel, you do know about the Transportation hearing next week at the Capitol? I hope. Lorna Youngs will be there to talk about inventing an ILLEGAL ALIEN driver's license or drivers privledge card. Gillman pushed for this last year also. Also they are trying to comply,(finally) with the real ID act (which prevents non-citizens from getting a license). I am sure the commie open border nut jobs will be there crying there woes. This info you are digging up would help a lot! Next Tues. @ 3:30 Room F PUBLIC Testimony @ 4Rick Hickey-VP-OFIR

I have been in panic mode. Why, why is our state doing this to us? The passage of the REAL ID act was long overdue and now Oregon may try to circumvent it.

And why is it that the only people that state government wants driving cars are the illegal aliens? They want the rest of us to take the bus (the MAX is even better) but not the criminal aliens, noooo, they are to good for that.

I have been emailing like crazy to

1) try to finish with my public records requests at DMV and

2) find out more info about this "drivers privilege card" and how we can stop this.

I am now soliciting ideas from all of you on how we can stop this. I have contacted my Representative (my senator, Charles Starr, thinks that illegal aliens should have in-state tuition so he was not contacted, which reminds me: Vote for Larry George in the republican primary in District 13) and several other reps as well.

Please contact your lawmakers and let them know that this matters! Unless you are a meth addict (not pointing any fingers but KELLEY WIRTH D-16) you don't want this state to be friendly to illegal aliens. Unless you want your wife or daughter raped you don't want this state to be friendly to illegal aliens. Unless you want me to have high blood pressure at my young age you don't want this state to be friendly to illegal aliens.

I'm open to suggestions and very interested in statistics about illegal aliens and their driving records. I need real numbers or a good place for digging up info rather than just anecdotal evidence.

I am so mad.

NOTE: I know Rick (who supplied this information) and I'm sure that it's good but I can't find any confirmation on any state website. I say this only because I always try to provide a link to the source of my information and I can't do that this time.


Tony said...

The legislature is always afraid when you use the F word and they usually back down.

No, not THAT F word. FEDERAL. As in Federal Law.

This proposal might be illegal under various federal laws prohibiting giving benefits to illegal aliens. Get an attorney (listening, OFIR?) to weigh in on it and then send someone to the hearing who is an attorney armed with this information.

Check around 8 USC, like in 8 USC sec 1644

Those types might be helpful, if the real ID act isn't. The one I gave above MIGHT require the state to comply with a request to send the list of people with illegal alien driving privledges to the ICE. In that case, it would be a great program. All illegals register with the government, then the government deports them.

Just like they want to do with guns. You register your guns, they come collect them at a later date.

My guess is that the House would not pass this sort of bill anyway.

Daniel said...

Tony, good thoughts but Utah already has one of these laws on the books so the legality (or simply the lack of enforcement of the law) has been established.

While I would hope that the House wouldn't pass something like this I am very worried that it won't even come as a bill but rather as something done within the transportation department.

Jim in KFalls said...

Tony has the right idea, however in conjunction with filing a lawsuit based on federal law, the topic needs high exposure Media coverage or the threat there of.

I thought this article was interesting also. Too bad we can't push to have a law like that on the books. Perhaps that would garner the media attention that the topic needs.

Anonymous said...

maybe we could all stop driving If it were possible (no more gas tax!) all of a sudden, or we could quit renewing our licenses...yeah individually it would be a pain in the butt for us, but everyone doing it together, makes a statement and is a BIG pain for THEM!

Jim in KFalls said...

How about a special licence plate that denotes we are "NOT" illegal aliens - you know, like the Crater Lake plates.

Vonski said...

Having a "valid" license and carrying insurance are two separate things. Personally, I would rather someone have the latter than the former.

I think that is what bugs me most. Those who are here illegally have already shown their lack of regard for our laws. What makes them think they will bother registering for any sort of ID. And, if they do pass this and start giving out these IDs, are they going to make having proof of current insurance part of the package?

Prolly not.

Jim said...

Daniel - I'm beyond trying to debate you on this issue, since you inevitably fail to seriously respond to empirical evidence that I present to you.

I only want to point out that this is not a partisan issue. Whoever wrote the e-mail to you in the post betrayed his or her ignorance of the issue by writing, "I am sure the commie open border nut jobs...". What is this person talking about? Open border proponents are anything but socialists. Rather, they're capitalists in every sense of the word, to the very core. Insofar as this becomes a partisan issue, the resulting policies will be nothing but foolishness.

Anonymous said...

Daniel, The word's calm, an mad, can't support the real feeling of what this state is doing.

In addition to this "BS",my city council here in PDX,gave, $200,000.00 DOLLARS to a as Lars put it, a Hippy commune in a park for a farm project.

Potter said he was happy to give the money, as they represent the "finest" of Portlanders.

As of this evening,the fix is in again for people to give as much as "1" percent of their income to schools as we can't seem to give them enough.

"CALM DOWN JACK!" there is nothing we can do.

We can move,that is what they want, the demographics of what is moving to this city has been described as "young Progressives" who have no kids, nor plans for them. What subs for kids are dogs.

Ever notice how many young progessives you see dropping their "kids" off a doggy daycare centers?


1. CAN AN "R" GET ELECTED IN THIS CITY/COUNTY? answer: Maybe not, but if you recalled just one of these city councilmen<(my choice, Sam Adams) he provided the oversight of alot of this crap when he was Katz's cheif of staff, then find one candidate that would run and stand up for the people that have given up and are sick with apathy...we might have a chance.

STATEWIDE: Ignore for the most part a bunch of time to swaying the young "Progressives" in Multnomah and Lane county, but do enough to identify those that voted "R" , see they are informed of your plan, keep them in the loop, but ATTACK...ATTACK... ATTACK all those counties that voted for Bush, that are pissed off these idiots in Portland force so much crap on them in Salem and elect an "R" for replacing the "K" GUY of who shows up in the race on the "D" side,you ATTACK...ATTACK the house an senate in Salem the same way.

Only then can we "maybe" get out state back.

If this post is thought badly of, keep on posting until hell freezes, you may hold off for awhile beating your dog, but eventually you will if the problem isn't solved. Jack Peek

Anonymous said...

I said Commie open border nut jobs because of the protest in Woodburn and others ACROSS THE NATION were persons who do NOT want immigration laws enforced are waving RED FLAGS with fists on them and carrying peoples union signs. And they say the usual BRAINLESS LIBERAL crap like "they just want a better life" or "They help the economy" only HEAD in the SAND, WEAK Bleeding heart libs say that crap. They don't know or care about the FACTS! Also I read the VOTING counts on ALL immigration issues in the U.S. Congress and local (when in session) and unfortunately the DEMONCRATS overwhelmingly vote NO BORDERS!
So it IS a partisian issue. Gordon Smith is NOT a Republican.

Jim said...

RH -- Lots of words in all caps there, but no facts. Taking the "other side" to task based on what you perceive to be the lesser individuals in their movement is no argument whatsoever. There is so little in the way of fact presented on this blog it's dizzying. I give Daniel much credit for at least trying. Nonetheless, most of the rants posted here are in response to anecdotal evidence, not facts. I've presented some empirical reports that directly counter the economic side of Daniel's arguments. No response.

Sticks and stones...