Wednesday, January 18, 2006

You can't be serious

The mobile Mexican consulate will continue it's criminal operations around the state.

Their next stop is this Saturday, the 21st, in Cornelius.

Centro Cultural Cornelius
1110 N Adair St.
Cornelius, OR 97113

I'm just disgusted right now. I plan on being there, hope to see you as well.


gullyborg said...

and the Senator whose district this is in is:

Senator Bruce Starr (Republican-015)
900 Court Street NE
Suite S-205
Salem, OR 97302
Phone: (503) 986-1715
Fax: (503) 986-1773
E-Mail :

gullyborg said...

additional contact info at RINO Watch:

RINO WATCH said...


Don't forget Chuck Riley is current Rep in district 29 and that Mary Gallegos was RINO Rep while Drive Master Education & DMV ran amuk.


MAX Redline said...

It's okay. DHS doesn't have any money, so they can't possibly be there....

Sue K. said...

If I remember correctly, DHS supposedly underestimated their new client load by approximately 30,000. Makes you wonder if these carousels have/had anything to do with that. I would have to say.........Yep!

Anonymous said...

Do their carousel Vehicles have consular plates?

Gunslinger said...

Wouldn't it be poetic justice, if a muslim (I would say extremist, but they all are) who had entered the us through the border using Groupo Facto, suicide bombed a carousel event?

Comedy Gold.

Give em Hell!

Robin said...

I wonder if they state employees are using their own vehicle to get there?

else it MUST be an officially authorized event
"No person shall drive, operate or use, or authorized or permitted any person to drive, operation or use, any motor vehicle as defined in ORS 283.305 for any purpose except for official state business as defined in ORS 283.305 and by rule of the Oregon Department of administrative services."

just a thought.

Jon said...

That's nothing....there is a "Latino Career Fair" coming to the convention center as well.
No kidding.
Apparently only Latinos need jobs here right now.

Anonymous said...

maybe someone should take pictures of the state vehicle license plates....

Gullyborg said...

I e-mailed Sen. Starr and he e-mailed back acknowledging our concerns. So if he does little or nothing, we must hold him accountable!

Anonymous said...

Yes The Consulate will have his own plates on his car. Yes state workers are in both their car and state car. We have pictures of plates from last spring, but their Boss says they can be there.
DHS is one of 16 State agencies/babysitters that will be there. Why is the OR. Employment Div. there?
Why is the SECT. of STATE there with Voter registration info?