Thursday, January 19, 2006

Operation ID

I'm a U.S. citizen living in Oregon and I CAN PROVE IT!

Victoria Taft has started "Operation ID." Go to the link above, print the letter, sign it and send it to the adress at the bottom of the page. Victoria will deliver the stack of letters to Governor Kulongoski and Bill Bradbury!

Also, I will be in Cornelius on Saturday to protest the first Mobile Mexican Consulate of the year. I will bring copies of the letter for any of you who don't want to use the ink yourself. You just supply the signature and stamp!


Anonymous said...

Why??? They won't do anything.

Well they may do something. They will hand over the names to be target for agressive direct mail campaigns on the issue or to tarr people as racists.

You know the brush applied to anyone who dares criticize the adminstration for not enforcing laws.

Sue K. said...

Daniel, Did DHS ever contact Lars today to let him know if they were going to be at the carousel in Cornelius this weekend?

Daniel said...

I didn't hear them come on. I am going to call in today.

Gullyborg said...

I caught the very end of the show--no response from DHS, and Lars made a point of telling his audience that DHS dropped the ball as he went of the air.

I also e-mailed Lars, telling him that Sen. Starr has been made aware of what is going on in his district this weekend. I recommended that Lars call up the Senator to lead off Monday's show, and ask him what he is (or isn't) doing about it. We should all write Lars encouraging him to do this.

terry said...

So if you're a citizen, but you can't prove it in a timely manner, you're not really a citizen?