Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Learning our lesson

Official testimony of Rodney G. Benson; Special Agent in Charge

Stopping the Methamphetamine Epidemic: Lessons From the Pacific Northwest
Methamphetamine found in the United States originates from two general sources, controlled by two distinct groups. Most of the methamphetamine found in the United States is produced by Mexico-based and California-based Mexican traffickers.

Current drug and lab seizure data suggests that roughly two-thirds of the methamphetamine used in the United States comes from larger labs, increasingly in Mexico.

Mexican criminal organizations control most mid-level and retail methamphetamine distribution in the Pacific, Southwest, and West Central regions of the United States, as well as much of the distribution in the Great Lakes and Southeast regions.

There they go again, contributing to our economy. I find it ironic that this report was titled "lessons from the NW" and yet the 800 lbs gorilla in this testimony, Mexico, has been almost completely ignored.

The state of Oregon has had ample evidence of two very distince choices it could make:

1. Reduce methamphetamine supply, crime, the burden on health care systems, the burden on welfare systems, and the burden on school systems by stopping the practice of issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens, properly refusing to give them any type of government assistance and discontinuing the practice of participating in the "Carousel of Information."

2. Continue to make Oregon a state whose culture if friendly to illegal aliens and sacrifice our citizens to an environment where criminal behavior is rampant.

While Oregon government, and the governor in particular, have not yet made the correct choice they could do so at any time.


Elzabeth Hoppe said...

Daniel, sorry this is not really about your post, have you heard anything about the nationwide January 7th protests? I found out about it ,but OFIR said they had no one attending as the Matricula cards protests are their focus right now. I am trying to get people together to meet somewhere in the Portland Metro area where illegals are picked up for work. Know of any people wanting to do this? Email me at Hoppeelj5@aol.com. Elizabeth Hoppe, Gresham, OR

Anonymous said...

Sorry this isn't about your post but have you considered setting up an Oregon Minute Men meetup?

Anonymous said...

It's going to get worse, Daniel. Did you hear about the murder in McMinnville last week? I just heard about it yesterday. The perps were high on meth when they blew that old dude away for no reason other than thrill of it. Here's why it'll get worse. News accounts indicate that the shooter had injected Meth. This is a new trend in the meth trade. Injecting it is going to cause many more social problems around here. How many of these people heretofore shot up heroin? How many did coke or crack? None of them, I would gather. This is a cheap, ugly drug that has penetrated rural and white America with a vengence. Oregon is under the mistaken assumption that they can single-handedly kill this social ill here. Right. Where do they think this injectible meth came from? Do they think a meth lab here made it? It was undoubtedly imported. It is going to be very difficult if not impossible to cut off meth at its source. It hasn't been done with coke, what makes anyone think it is going to be done here? You need to enforce the criminal law when it comes to meth use. Lock these people, up, etc. They can get "treatment" while in prison. This is the most effective deterent against meth. Not coddling these people and making the rest of us pay for their abuse by instituting draconian laws calling for prescriptions for things like Nyquil and Claritin. Ridiculous.