Wednesday, February 22, 2006


>February 22, 2006
Oregonians for Immigration Reform:

We just received word this morning from the Oregon Department of Administrative Services that the Carousel of Information program scheduled this Saturday in Salem HAS BEEN CANCELED BY THE MEXICAN CONSULAR OFFICE.

It is pretty easy to speculate as to the reason for the cancellation - we are making a difference !!!

Please contact anyone who you know might have been planning on going to Saturday's protest.

Great job by everyone !!!!
Jim Ludwick
Oregonians for Immigration Reform

Bwa hahahahahahahahahaha. While part of me thinks that this might be a clever ruse I am inclined to believe this. The Consulate has realized that we are making a media spectacle out of this and he doesn't want the attention. Thanks to all of you who have participated in these events! You HAVE made a difference.

This means that many criminal aliens will not be getting social serivces or ID so they can continue their criminal activities with the help of Oregon government.

At the last protest I told Consul Fernando Sanchez Ugarte that this would be the last year that he would be able to host these abominations. Turns out that it might have been the last time ever if we can keep up the pressure.

Fernando's response: A smug "We'll see."

Now, if you will humor me in my admittedly childish behavior (it's so hard to practice the art of exagerrated politeness at these events when I am burning with rage on the inside, I think that I deserve this) please send Consul Fernando an email.

Put his name (Consul Fernando Sanchez Ugarte) in the subject line and make the message simply "No Carousel? Daniel told you so."

Also, check out this great storyboard style post on the last protest. It is hilarious!


PollyAnna said...

Hi Daniel,
Congrats to You,
Other Bloggers and the OFIR!

Two observations:
I think the Mexican Consulate will find another venue to give out the Matricular Consular Identification Cards.

This cancellation has most likely prevented the OFIR from Nationally spotlighting the
"Carousel of Crime".
Just my Humble Opinion,

Rick Hickey said...

Thank You Daniel, Bloggers and Talk Radio!
In less than one year, with all your help, this rally went from 7 to hundreds and all Media reporting.
I will NOT rest until our Border is secure and the law is enforced.
I have some other ways to draw big attention to this dilemma.
Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

ric -- hopefully it involves firearms!

Sue K. said...

Great news!!

Tony said...


A tip of the sombrero to you and all the others who went out to protest this.

I think a call or email to the office about this asking about where we can get our benefits now that this was cancelled might be in order. I think your suspicions are probably right that they are maybe just moving it secretly.

I would check the spanish websites where they could try to hide behind una otra idioma to get the owrd out for the new location.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all who have help this happen!

Now, lets put the same energy in protesting the next shindig...

March for Immigrant Justice
March 4th * Noon * Portland
(Pioneer Square at SW Broadway & Morrison)

I'll be there!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all and Daniel for sure.

But are we certain we have stopped them as they are a crafty bunch that have sucker punched us more than once.

Thomas said...

Great news!
Keeping the pressure on them does work!

Now - what will you do with your Saturday?
[Self-satisfied chuckling recomended, to be followed by 1 snicker. If snicker unavailable substitute with chortle. Repeat as needed.]

Allen said...

I'll add a Hip, Hip, to your Hoooooooray!!!

A new day is dawning!!!

And our next Impossible Mission assignment is?

BEAR said...

Way to GO.O.O.O Daniel and friends!! Onward and upward.

Daniel said...

Thanks to all of you for your support!

Pollyana, they have another venue, it's in Portland. My next destination.

Rick, Thank YOU! I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Anonymous, you should always be prepared to defend yourself with a firearm if neccessary.

Sue, it really is.

Tony, if I find out then I will still be there.

Anon, you have the right idea!

Anon, it's time to go offensive.

Thomas, surely there will be some guffaws as well. I actually might take my boy fishing... and snicker.

Allen, stay tuned. The ideas are flowing. I want the consulate in Portland.

Bear, we are prepared to keep going until we win.

BEAR said...

If we can, my family and I will attend any portland event. We're musing over signage. How about: Another LEGAL immigrant against criminals! Any suggestions?

Bobbi said...

This is a day for celebration, indeed! I'm pretty sure they're not going to give up this easy, but I'm going to savor the moment!
My email has been sent to Mr. Ugarte - hope everyone else is contacting him, too.
Thanks, Daniel

MAX Redline said...

Please sir, I am a Mexican National of poor means who crossed into the USA only so that I could build houses for employers who pay me in cash.

But my 1984 Yugo has plates that have expired. In order to get new ones, I must have a matriculata card, which I hoped to obtain in Salem.

Where can I obtain one now?

MAX Redline said...

Oh, I sent him a translated version...

Por favor sir, soy un nacional mexicano de los medios pobres que se cruzaron en los E.E.U.U. solamente de modo que pudiera construir las casas para los patrones que me pagan en efectivo. Pero mi Yugo 1984 tiene placas que han expirado. Para conseguir nuevos, debo tener una tarjeta del matriculata, que esperaba obtener en Salem. ¿Dónde puedo ahora obtener uno?

Robin said...

Daniel... a lone blogger in a dangerous world...
one man can make a difference!

well it does not stop there. It makes a great statement. We should keep the pressure on and put it on the government and businesses that encourage hiring illegals and forcing Americans to learn Spanish

good job everybody