Friday, February 10, 2006

Protest Eugene!

Illegal alien protest

Feb 11, 2006

HEP building
1685 E. 17th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97403

OFIR website


Anonymous said...

Any good parking close but away from the site?

Sailor Republica said...

Park east of Villard on 15th, 17th, and on Orchard, Villard, or Walnut.

Anonymous said...

The Bad Mexicans are coming to get you... and impregnate your women

Rick Hickey said...

Hopefully some of the College crowd that understand what is happening will join us. Cherrill and I put flyers up all over U of O today.
Some of the TV & Newspaper outlets showed some interest also.
I hope we all focus on the Governor & I.C.E. They are the ones that could pull the rug out from this Carousel garbage.
The Police, always cooperative, called & will be there also.

So many now understand this crisis. Latest Time Mag. poll says 63% are Extremely or Very concerned about "How serious a problem is Illegal Immigration into the U.S."
"Is the Government doing enough to keep Illegal Immigrants from entering the U.S.?" 74% NO.
50% "All Illegal Immigrants should be DEPORTED".
My Favorite= 83% "are concerned that providing Social Services for Illegal Immigrants costs Taxpayers too much" Hello? And Ted K. is allowing what to happen tomorrow?
TOMORROW WE remind them that WE are watching because WE are the ones Paying for it.

Bob said...

See you all there. I've got to drop my wife off at work and I'll be there around 9

Sailor Republica said...

I'll probably stop in for a few minutes. I'm only a few blocks from there.

Anonymous said...

I know that all will be welcome, however those with the ability to wear business/casual attire will give more credibility to the effort.

The more you look as an off duty public official or business owner/potential TV or newspaper advertiser, the more recognition and respect you will gain.

The image they expect is that of a red neck Viet Nam Vet.

Sailor Republica said...

That shouldn't be too hard.

And, just to make sure you're official, make yourself a DHS badge, infiltrate, and call a radio station.