Monday, February 13, 2006

Eugene Protest: Part Nueve

This is a letter that I sent to University of Oregon President Dave Frohnmayer:

Dear Mr. Frohnmayer,

I wanted to make you aware of the fact that there is a racist organization active on your campus. They call themselves MECHA and their "plan" is outlined on this page from a University of Oregon website.

I will sum it up with one line from their plan: "For La Raza to do. Fuera de La Raza nada." Translated this means "For the Race all. Outside the Race nothing." That is a very disturbing plan in my opinion. They refer to themselves as "La Raza de Bronze" which means "the bronze race."

While I have been aware of this groups existence for quite some time I actually had the opportunity to meet some of these individuals yesterday. This was during a protest of the Mexican Consulate and various state agencies using University of Oregon property to give Matricula Consular cards, Mexican ID, to illegal aliens.

Chants of "viva la raza" which means "the race lives" we frequent as were chants of "we were here first." In addition to these group chants my wife, who is Hispanic, was called a "sellout" for her opposition to illegal immigration. Your campus has a policy on "bias incidents" and I believe that this would qualify as one since her race was the contributing factor in the name-calling.

It was also disturbing to see University professor Bob Bussel participate in these racist comments.

If you are interesting in documented proof of these incidents I have pictures, video and audio of all of it and would be glad to supply you with it.

I do not believe that a racist organization should be allowed to operate freely with campus support. While I believe that people have the right to freely assemble they do not have the right to use campus servers to further their racist agenda. I'm sure that the surrounding community and the alumni would be shocked to know that a fine school such as the U of O harbors such a group.


I would encourage all of you to contact the University President and in a respectful manner suggest that this group no longer receive university support. See pictures below for things like pictures of their "one love, one race" poster.


Allen said...

Well done Daniel!

My hope is this posting will get the legs it deserves as such Openly Racists activity on State School property is most un-American.

Bobbi said...

Congratulations! Finally, some coverage in the Guard. That's due to the diligence of Daniel, Rick and all the others who have worked so long and hard on this issue- thanks!
They reported that there were 40 protestors - I hope next time there will be more- I know there will be at least two more.
Be sure to tune in next Saturday morning at 8:oo to hear Rick, and I hope, Daniel on the Richard Sturm show on KPNW.

Jeff said...

Great letter, Daniel. Looks like there is a "we" instead of "were" in there somewhere.

I'd suggest sending this letter to the Registar Guard as an editorial, as well as the campus newspaper, the Daily Emerald.

Anonymous said...

On another note, have you heard of the gang MS-13? They've been called the most violent gang in America and the FBI mentions them having a presense in Oregon.

Reports claim that they will start assasinating border agents at the Mexico/US borders if we tighten up security down there.

I wonder if they have any connection to MECHA in Oregon?

Anonymous said...

Good job Daniel. But you know and I know that Mexicans and other minorities are above the law when it comes to this kind of thing. The same kind of attention and name calling that groups like the Minutemen receive are excused when it comes to racist groups like MEECHA.

RINO WATCH said...

RE: Register Guard

You may contact the Lefty "reporter" and report to him that Daniel & others are NOT ANTI-IMMIGRANT!

What a DOPE!

Wouldn't expect anything else from a disingenuous reporter working for a disingenuos paper?


Jim Feehan

Telephone: 338-2568, E-mail:

13 February, 2006 10:25

LonewackoDotCom said...

The linked PDF in Part 3 is apparently about a different carousel, not the one at the U of O. Is there a PDF for that specific carousel? (Note that the Nyssa PDF promises information about ITIN numbers as well as how to vote in Oregon. However, there's also the possibility that that was directed at different groups.)

Why do you say "Only a Mexican national, a citizen of Mexico, can make an appointment for this"? Where is that referenced?

Why do you assume that those identified are illegal aliens? Did someone make such a statement?

Obviously, writing down or citing such comments would go a long way towards making this something that other people would oppose.

Ric said...

So Daniel is an "Anti-immigration activists"

If you missed the story -
Register Guard

It's what you leave out of a story that is equally important to what you put in.

"intimidating applicants by filming them"

And this is damming!
"protesters arrived from around the state in sport utility vehicles ... adorned with Republican candidate bumper stickers."

Oh, the horror!

"We're not against immigrants," he said. "We're against illegal immigrants."

MAX Redline said...

Under the subject "What passes for reporting", I have sent the following note to the "reporter" in Eugene:

"Anti-immigration activists rallied Saturday in Eugene to oppose providing state social services to noncitizens and to criticize the Mexican consulate for issuing identification cards to immigrants."

"I don't think it's right for people to come here and step in front of line,"

Hi, Jim!

Recognize the above lines? You should, as they came from your "report".

You seem to have some problems when it comes to veracity, so I strongly urge you to consider another line of work.

Quite frankly, I was disappointed to see you engaging in patently deceptive practices, passed off as "reporting".

Your opening sentence, for example, is an outright lie; it is in no way reflective of responsible journalism. Bear in mind that I have a digital record of your interview, with which I am fully prepared to reinforce my statements in regard to your complete lack of journalistic integrity.

Fact: at no time were you told by any of the citizens gathered at the site that they were "anti-immigration"; you were in fact told that they were anti-illegal immigration.

Fact: at no time were you told that there was any opposition to non-citizens; opposition was geared toward protesting the provision of state services and matriculata cards to illegal aliens. Moreover, I have in my digital records footage that was taken of a gentleman who came to the event in hopes of renewing his Green Card - he was turned away. And he was angry.

Fact: Daniel did not speak as you "quoted".

No sir, the facts of the matter are that the event was staged solely for Mexican Nationals who are presently in this country illegally, that you have not only misrepresented the events that unfolded, but have also engaged in willful misrepresentation. You then caused this material to be printed, as fact, in a local daily newspaper.

If you believe that your job is to shovel manure, I suggest that you immediately resign as a "reporter" and pursue a legitimate career as a keeper at one of our fine regional zoos. It appears that you are well-qualified.

Jay Haight

Daniel said...

Lone Wacko, they actually stopped posting the flyers online. They had removed the Nyssa one at one point but then I showed them that it was still available in the google cache and they just proved they were trying to hide something, they put it back up.

I know that you have the be a Mexican National because I've tried to make an appointment for myself, only a Mexican national can get a Matricula card, and it says so on the Consulate Website.

(you will notice that the state took down the link that they provided the consulate, they are running and hiding)

Bob said...

couldn't you just say you're a Mexican national?

-I hear the documentain isn't too strict.

JEFF said...

That's what i have been thinking. I'll just tell them I am a mexican and if they don't let me make an appointment I will cry discrimination.