Saturday, February 11, 2006

Greatest audio ever!!!

Go hear the greatest audio ever courtesy of The Cheezer!!!


BEAR said...

Chanting slogans....what a great way to communicate. If the illegals are so flippin' proud of their position, why hide behind sloganeering? Why hide from dialogue and debate? Because these folks know they are wrong.

Daniel said...

I want to know why, if they love Mexico so much, they aren't living there?

I honestly don't get "Mexican pride." Almost everyone in that country says they want to get out. They vote with their feet that America is the superior country!

BEAR said...

Daniel, you've heard them yourself, as have I. They consider this country a part of mexico, and intend to take it over. (aztlan, mecha, la raza)

Jeff said...

This audio is disgusting. It sickens me to hear those aweful chants of "we were here first" and even "this little light of mine" (not sure why that song????).

This shows that you are dealing with irrational, imature, and un-educated people.

This fight needs to go to government. MAYBE someone there is smart enough to understand simple things like law, cime, government bodies, history, etc.

Daniel said...

I loved the variation of the "this little light" song when they sang "all over the racists, I'm gonna let it shine." Classic.