Sunday, February 05, 2006

Infamous Oregon

The Silent Invasion
They don’t carry guns. Their weapons are their sheer numbers. They cross silently and furtively, trying to evade the border patrol. At least a million a year do so. They are mostly Mexicans coming across our southern border. What they want is what every invader army wants: wealth, land and power.

In the state of Oregon recently, these Matricula Consulars were provided, along with advice by employees of the state as to how and where the card receivers could access the state’s welfare services. Tables were set up for the respective state agencies to dispense this information. It was held on a Saturday. Did the state agency workers get extra pay for working on Saturday? They were at least paid for a day’s work to provide information to illegal aliens as to how to use the safety nets paid for by taxpayers.

No to JTTF, yes to Tre Arrow, no to Jessica's Law, yes to legal live sex acts, no to private property rights, yes to illegal aliens. We are getting quite a reputation.


MAX Redline said...

"This is an issue we are absolutely not afraid of," says Cameron Johnson, manager of Gov. Ted Kulongoski's re-election campaign. "The governor has a strong record of fighting to enforce immigration laws in Oregon."

I'd like to see ONE example in support of this ridiculous contention.

"We are Americans not due to our birth or immigration status," said the gov, in July of 2004.

Yep, there's some tough fighting, alright. Isn't it nap-time again, Ted?

Daniel said...

It would be helpful if Teddy's manager would provide an example or two...

Anonymous said...

Daniel -- enough with the links to emotionally-laden, factually suspect "news". You have no concrete solution. Just criticism. When you get called out onto the carpet, you just keep griping, posting the same old shit, it's getting tired and counter productive in an election year.

Put up or shut up. Since you find Atkinson to be such a turn-coat, why don't you come up with something...maybe you can start by responding to this, posted earlier...

Daniel -- your movement has run into an inevitable political reality and your uncharacteristic childish frustration over all of this seems evident of some severe political naiveté. The more this issue gets pushed into the public debate, the more politicians are going to come to the stark realization that THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE TO AMNESTY.

The INS and border patrol is already an enormous bureaucracy and well-funded, but it is stretched far beyond its limits as it is. The only way that a government can deport 11-f'ing-million people here illegally is at an unfathomable cost and under a state of martial law. Give me a break. If you're looking for a cadidate who is going to propose this scenario in order to take care of the illegal problem, good frickin' luck finding one. At some point the rhetoric has to stop and an actual policy has to be considered, one that is possible, and has the will of the people behind it. My guess is that the "people" (mostly big business and mainstream suburbanites in their sphere of power) prefer amnesty and heading back to the drawing board as opposed to enormous cost and martial law.

All Lars (and you) has done is to push himself farther out into margins and ensure that no serious political candidate in the future will seek his endorsement or come on his show for that matter, which is good business for him, since it will just give him more to piss and moan about, so at least it's good for ratings.

If Lars is serious about wanting to bring conservative change or whatever he says, then he should wake up and spend some time surveying the political and economic landscape. My impression, however, is that he's more concerned with keeping the drama high on his little talk radio soap opera.

Anonymous said...

So, Daniel -- Who the hell is Barbara Anderson besides someone who "lives in a large city on the West Coast" and for whom "God, family, country, heritage and borders" are important. Moreover, "she enjoys music, poetry, painting and song writing".

That's fantastic, but why in the hell should I believe a word she writes? Does she have any sources for her information? Maybe she should cite it then. What is the "American Chronicle" anyway?

Let's make sure that next time we have a candidate who's willing to stake their election on information from such sources, yes? Might not have a lick of credibility, but at least the bastard won't even think of something like amnesty, for god's sake!

Anonymous said...


Please don't engage the Libs as they will only drain you of your energy.

Yup, just like a leach.

Anonymous said...

Daniel -- no wonder you're so inflamed, I'd be scared shitless if this drivel was actually what served as my source of news; I'd also be incensed with having to read the work of someone with no journalistic training and the writing caliber of a high school student...I feel your pain.

"Alien immigrant proponent groups have formed and are beginning to make their voices heard. The new mayor of Los Angeles is a Latino who advocates for making illegal aliens legal. He joins many other Latinos in California's government...Will they want to protect the U.S. from invasion or will they favor their own race...?" Hey, this is great stuff; stumping material, especially for someone running for the governorship of the KKK.

"We have 16,000 new cases of tuberculosis (some drug resistant), 7,000 cases of leprosy (always considered a third world disease), and thousands more of hepatitis. One can only hope not to come in close contact with these disease carriers, but many have and many more will."

Wow! The sky is falling! The third world is coming! Quick, do something!

What a bunch of propagandistic crap!

Sue K. said...

I just HAD to send an email to the Gov regarding what his re-election campaign manager said about his strong record......ha, ha, ha!!! I can't think of one single thing that he has been strong on during his governorship. Bowling, maybe??
"We are Americans not due to our birth or immigration status," said the gov, in July of 2004 WHAT?!?!

Where does he get off making a statement like that? Try going to Mexico and making a statement like that (insert Mexican where American is). Can you say firing-squad?

Anonymous said...

Can I throw in the placement of criminally insane next to grade schools too. Kinda nuts, don't you think? JP

No to JTTF, yes to Tre Arrow, no to Jessica's Law, yes to legal live sex acts, no to private property rights, yes to illegal aliens. We are getting quite a reputation.