Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Best idea ever!

Ric, of Just Askin', just left a comment on my last post with one of the best ideas ever:

I am all in favor of building a large 'tent' city for ICE hold prisoners.

This should be funded at the state level, as should transportation from local ( County ) jails to this facility.

If Mexico wants its citizens comfortable, they can pay for buildings and heat.

A local sheriff could do this!! Not only would this save taxpayer money but it would also discourage illegal immigration. Criminals in Mexico realize that they aren't going to get a top notch defense for free and then cable tv and a flat screen in their cell if they get caught in Mexico, let's make prison here more uncomfortable to level out that playing field.

I say we kick out the bums at dignity village, put a fence around it and actually get some good use from that land.

This is what's there now:

That looks like a perfect place for illegal aliens to serve time... we'll take the lawn chairs though.


Anonymous said...

Today, the Umatilla County Sheriff was telling Lars of the costs to the County beyond the jailing, when it came to the Five Illegals he is holding for Murder, and he was just getting started counting when cut off for a commercial break.

Who knows somebody that can run out some numbers as to what those Five will cost Oregonians long term, and assuming they are found guilty and sent to prison for the next 30 years? Such as the legal fees with all the appeals, court costs, medical, dental and then toss in keeping their family fed and healthy till they get out and are deported.

My bet is those Five murderers (who are only those in the hopper at this time) will cost us well over a $1 Million Dollars each or more and what have we gained from their coming here looking for a better life?

Swell, first folks lose their jobs to the Mexicans and then they lose their life.

Isn't Embracing Diversity Oregon Style great?

peod in Oregon said...

Give 'em an inch. The following is from a transcript of tonights Lou Dobbs show on CNN.
KITTY PILGRIM, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice over): At least half of all farmworkers in Florida are illegal aliens, cheap labor for farms. The hurricane seasons in 2004 and 2005 were particularly harsh.

The federal government was there giving emergency assistance, food, water, shelters or hotel rooms, even cash to all who needed it. It didn't matter if they were a legal resident or an illegal alien. But now two groups that represent 300,000 Florida farmworkers are suing FEMA and its director because the federal agency didn't give more. They say these illegal workers have a right to FEMA trailers because the workers are so vital to the industry.
Suing our government because we don't give enough. What a laugh. Truth is stranger than fiction.

Daniel said...

We sure do get screwed.

Ric said...

< Blushing >

Thank you ;-)