Saturday, February 25, 2006

Blowing hot air

State of the State: 'Wind is at our back'
Gov. Ted Kulongoski endorsed a major cigarette-tax increase Friday to pay for universal health care for children and youths.

Clearly cigarette taxes are the most stable of all tax bases. I mean, it's not as if there are major campaigns to get people to quit or anything.

In his annual State of the State speech, Kulongoski also proposed stipulating that one-fourth of all energy sold in Oregon come from renewable sources by the year 2025.

A bone thrown to the eco-freaks. Kulongoski will be long retired as governor when this "deadline" comes around.

Kulongoski used his State of the State speech at the aptly named Governor Hotel to highlight his accomplishments during three years as governor and to offer campaign promises if he wins another term. Those included new proposals to expand health insurance and alternative-energy production, plus a rehashing of his plan to stabilize and increase school funding.

His accomplishments apparently involve telling people about the first part of his State of the State speech.

As for the school funding, his "plan depends on revenue growing by more than 10 percent every two years, without any new sources of funding."

*sigh* Let me name the "sources of funding" that government has:


That's it. They can take it in income taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, cigarette taxes, gasoline taxes, cell-phone taxes, fees, fines, levies, surcharges, charges, adjustments or one of the many other ways they take money from us but there is only one "source" of this money.

Take a look at your electric bill, phone bill, water bill. All have taxes, charges, and fees that go to government. State officials see this as a different "source" than the money they take out of your paycheck. But it only means that you have less money to work with every month.


Rick said...

His accomplishments apparently involve telling people about the firt part of his State of the State speech.

Daniel, you better be careful, there are the people out there that will not argue your points with you but with spelling errors will point them out and call you evil because of it.

Daniel said...

Clearly that misspelling was the result of Halliburton taking control of my mind, forcing me to shoot a friend while on a hunting trip so that women won't be able to vote.

It's fixed.

Anonymous said...

My bet Gubner Ted is a result of a college prank went totally over the top and now nobody wants to confess they had a part in it.

Getting him passed the State Bar Exam must have been a challenge or an inside job.

Chauncy Gardner anybody?

Daniel said...

Now that's a theory I can believe!

Sue K. said...

I thought it looked like Teddy K was going to cry. I think he has convinced himself that he has done a great job but he can't get anyone to believe him. He's the only one patting his back.

BEAR said...

This stumbling, intellectually bankrupt BUFFOON was on the Oregon Supreme Court! How much more will Oregon have to suffer until Nov.?

Anonymous said...

Yes, buffoon, dupe, studge and lacky are all fitting.

Proof is MR/DD's can rise to high position.

Daniel said...

Perhaps he is an example of affirmative action?

Anonymous said...

On the subject of a cell phone tax:


Anonymous said...

On spelling errors in my posts:

May those who wanna bi--- ,MAY THEY SUFFER RANDY LEONARDS FATE.

Anonymous said...

On Oregon DMV'S, and their "fixation" with people from south of the border:

Was at the SE Powell DMV this day, it was overun, it looked like " Taco Bell" city, even the Russians that were there looked worried or worse..out gunned!

If we don't control this in 6 months, the rest of us need to buy some high ground somewhere before it's all gone.

Anonymous said...

Of course the wind is at the state's back.

With the windfall of property tax dollars about to be picked up by the state because of George W's willingness to provide thousands of acre's of new logging land and M37's influx of ready to develop high dollar housing.

Whoever is the next governor is going to be able to balance the budget without even trying. The only difference is that a Republican will balance the budget and Kulongoski will develop his own 'space-program' of cronyism and excuse it as research. Look at OHSU and think bigger. Thats where your tax dollars are going to go.

rickyragg said...

re the title...

it would only be "hot air" if it was blown by a living being.

K couldn't defrost the windshield of a Mini at 98 degrees.

dead man talking.