Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Fair and balanced

Google news has 110 articles related to the Measure 37 ruling yesterday. Most have a headline of "Oregon Property Rights Upheld."

However two papers have very different headlines: (click to enlarge picture)

The Salem Statesmen Journal has these three:

Mixed opinions greet court's land-use ruling
Measure 37 legal interpretations remain unresolved
High court doesn't address Measure 37's reach

While The Oregonian has this one:
Court clears the way for 37 kinds of damage

Now I'm not a lawyer but I think that once the Supreme Court decides something that the "legal intrepretations" are no longer "unresolved." As for "mixed opinions" there is nothing that will ever be unanimous but 67% is pretty damn close in politics.

As for the state's largest Fishwrapper, what can I say: They hate everyone who doesn't live in the Pearl District.


carla said...

Given the murky state of 37...and the fact that different state organizations are interpreting it differently, the O and the Journal are correct.

Brent said...

Daniel et al. -- what's your take on this Bush vetoing a block on the sale of port security to Arabs? Treasonous?

Anonymous said...

Daniel - a closet environmentalist.

Who would have thunk it?

peod in Oregon said...

Brent-there seems to be no one in the government who really cares about the security of the U.S. The Dems don't have a clue. The Bush administration stumbled on the border problem, seems determined to veto this piece of shit sale, and are afraid to offend our only "ally" in the Middle East. I for one refuse to give up one more bit of freedom until they secure the border, remove the illegals, and do the job they were hired to do.
I say take back our country from the politicians. Stop selling out our country and giving away our jobs.
First they say there are jobs we won't do, then they say there are jobs we can't do (run the ports).
How did the British come to own these jobs anyway. Maybe we should outsource the government because it seems Americans can't do that either.

rickyragg said...

Hey Daniel,

Check it out.

A little different carla here

Brent said...

Here, Here!

Daniel, now that the illegals seem to be shut down, you should turn your focus to running Bush the spineless wonder out of office. Says he's a wartime president and then sells our ports to a bunch of ragheads!