Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Mark your calender


Eugene @ 8:30 am-LIVE on "Richard Sturm Show"/1120 am KPNW (Show starts @ 8)

HEP Program Building
1685 e 17th NE

Saturday the 11th of Feb.

What is "HEP" you ask?

(HEP) is a federally funded program that offers an alternative education opportunity for young men and women who have yet to complete a high school education. The program assists migrant farm working youth in attaining the necessary academic skills for passing the GED exam and provides career counseling. HEP does not have a formal internship program, but does arrange for them on a case to case scenario. HEP also needs volunteers and work-study students to help out tutoring. Tutors must have a basic level of proficiency in Spanish language. Most tutors start at the beginning of the academic term.
David M. Wagner
1685 E. 17th Avenue,
346-0883 orHEP Program, 346-0881

Public building!!

I will be there, not just because I'm passionate about this issue, not just because I think that we have made a difference, not just because I refuse to let up the pressue, no, I have to be there because if the consul general and his lackey's don't see me they will probably assume that I'm there but in disguise and start pulling people's hair in an attempt to find someone wearing a wig.

What are we protesting? THIS!! (search my blog for "carousel" or mexican consulate" to see other protests/pics)

Oregonians for Immigration Reform website


Vonski said...

I'll try to meet up with you there. Camera in hand.

Daniel said...

I'm looking forward to it. (and cameras are a must!!)

Anonymous said...

So what exactly are you protesting?

Because a program is designed to help migrant farm workers, you're against it? Do you assume that because they're migrant farm workers, they're all undocumented? Is that fair? What about the ones who are not?

Maybe you should go to Washington and picket the fedral lawmakers who determine budget and outlays rather than humiliating and taking pictures of poor, largely uneducated laborers who may, or may not be here illegally.

You disgust me.

Anonymous said...

I suspect it would help a great deal if a number of OFIR supporters up-graded their attire and dressed as one might expect an Elected Public Official would when visiting such an event.

Casual business perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Ignore the Lib as they are only playing the spoiler role.

Daniel said...

"So what exactly are you protesting?"

I am protesting THIS.

Anonymous said...

That's not a protest, it's an attempt at public humiliation. Easy targets.

Like I said, I find your tactics disgusting and think they throw your intentions into question. For someone who claims not to be a racist, you sure do act like one.

Have fun, asshole.

Rick Hickey said...

Yes, We did send the Pres. of OFIR to DC last year & many more showed up for "Feet to the Fire". The Real ID Act passed and the new HR 4437 passed in Dec. Oregon Agencies & a Foreign Gov't-Mexico, have NO right to spit at Federal efforts to control Immigration with their Mexican National ONLY, regardless of immigration status, PHOTO ID card that gets them a Driver's License, which can then be used Nationwide.
The Consulate of San Jose said approximately 70% of applicants were "undocumented", but that is not their concern. Oregon Consulate has same policy. Oregon Agencies claim, They can't ask immigration status. It IS Illegal to aid & abett ANY CRIME as the State is.
What don't you non-supporters of our soveirgnty, understand?

Tom said...

It is astonishing to me that Oregon police officers will staff the illegal Carousels of Information and keep taxpayers out. This implies that I - or you - could be arrested for attempting to access the government services we ARE entitled to, while protesting theft by people who are NOT entitled to those services.

Is the next step going to be trespass and civil disobedience? Will we see Daniel leading sit-ins and sing-alongs of "We Shall Overcome"?

We live in strange times when our own government treats citizens as second-class, and illegals as first-class.

Anonymous said...

Tom -- your whining brings to mind a familiar saying: "victimization knows no bounds".

I feel sorry for you. I really do. I'm sure you're suffering, and I empathize.

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