Sunday, February 05, 2006

Really? We hadn't noticed...

Blogger can't stay up
Blogspot went down today again, shrinking the blogosphere tremendously. For the past three days, Blogger's web log service has been up and down more often than Google's stock.

[Insert Viagra joke here]


Jeff said...

seemed like it was down most of the day saturday....what gives?

With all that IPO money google has, you'd think they could run a reliable web site.

Anonymous said...

Golly Mr. Science, it looks as they did an over-haul as it works better now than it did before.

Thomas said...

Odd. I have had no trouble at all getting onto any sites.
I was puzzled when many commenters asked if others have been having trouble, and were answered in the affirmative.

See what happens when you eat all your vegetables and say your prayers before bed? ;>)

Oh, and before I forget:
Goooooo, Hawks!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and it looks like they took your Atkinson ad with it. Fair weather friend, I see.