Friday, February 24, 2006

Another shocker

Tenn. Halts Immigrant Driving Certificates
Tennessee stopped issuing driving certificates to illegal immigrants Friday after investigators learned out-of-state applicants were using fake papers and bribes to get cards.

Wait a minute, hold the phone, stop the presses. I don't understand, criminals were committing more crimes? You mean... you can't give extra benefits to criminals without them taking advantage of you?

I am just shocked. Shocked I tell you. Honestly, what is this world coming to. I mean, if you can't trust criminals to be honest then who can you trust?


BEAR said...

Glad you got this one, Daniel. It shows what responsible authorities do (and how quickly) when something this egregious occurs. Oregon's willful culpability in abetting criminal behavior for political gain is transparent and disgusting.

Sue K. said...

This story is deja vu. Oh, wait!! It does happen here in Oregon. Our Gov and dmv continue to let it happen.

I saw the Gov on the news tonight during his State of the State address when he was talking about being a good Democrat. Was he pretending to be fired up? That was the most life I have ever seen in that guy. You could see his lips puckering! Too bad he doesn't talk about the important issues facing Oregon with some passion. Adios, dude!

RINO WATCH said...

There is quiet action (CYA) taking place in Oregon regarding the bogus 80,000+ Oregon Drivers licenses connected to the criminal enterprise that DMV (Lorna Youngs- Teddy K) allowed to operate.

RW sources say that some of the aquitted will be facing Problems in Fed Tax Court....A big Ouch!

Tim said...

I guess when Teddy K talks about being a "Good Democrat" he means pandering to the Democrat base, which as near as I can tell include the following:

Illegal Aliens (Make sure they their place on the taxpayer dime)
Drug Pushers
Child Molesters
Anyone who HATES America
Anyone who HATES Republicans
Baby Killers (Abortion lobby)
Racists (They won't let black people vote)
The Porn Industry
Al Qeada

And this is just the short list.

Sue K. said...

To hell with being a "good democrat", a "good republican", a "good independent", or a "good whatever". That is a lot of our problem today.....our elected officials vote their party rather than what is RIGHT!

rino watch.....Glad to hear that something may still come from the 80,000+ bogus licenses and the aquitted (even though there was evidence of wrong-doing). I sure hope that Oregonians won't have to pay for these people's legal defense, again. I guess their bank accounts and assets were frozen? I hope the Fed Tax Court goes after them big time!

Daniel said...

I would love to see the Robleto brothers lose everything. I would also love to see some federal official blast our state judges for aquiting these guys.

Anonymous said...

The Carousel of Information is happening in Salem today. Do you know where it is? Of course not. You have been duped partner.

fish_on said...

Quotes from the story...

"This program was a good idea in theory, but there have been problems with implementation," said Tennessee Safety Commissioner Jerry Nicely, who announced that no more driving certificates will be issued to illegal aliens, pending a thorough re-examination of the program.

Hmmm...good in theory? If it was good in theory, what would make you think it would be good in reality? Here's your sign.

"The driving certificate program for immigrants was started two years ago, and about 51,000 have been issued to date. It had two purposes: addressing homeland security concerns in the aftermath of September 11 and improving driving safety in Tennessee by making sure immigrants living there know traffic rules."

Wow, pretty soon they would have caught up to us!

And, was this supposed to address homeland security issues IF THEY COULDN'T PROVIDE RELIABLE IDENTIFICATION IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!?!?

And do you think they're going to take $200 a month from the money they're sending to Mexico and use it for auto insurance? I think NOT.

Anonymous said...

Carousel was cancelled for today, if NOT where is it?

Anonymous said...

The Carousel is at a safe location in the Salem area.

Anonymous said...


Tim Lewis said...

Getting worried? First Tennessee...who's next?

Scottiebill said...

Do you suppose Teddy the K and SecState Bradbury might take a hint from Tennessee's lead and do something similar here? I didn't think so.

Tim - you neglected to mention Al Qaida Gore and Jimmy "I'm proud to have given away the Panama Canal" Carter in your list of those that Dumocrats (misspelling intentional) will pander to. I guess you should also include an idiot that will listen to their ravings and take them seriously.

Sue K. said...

If the carousel of information is, in fact, being held in Salem at a "safe" place, then we are still victorious in making them hide. And why would you have to hide if you're not aiding illegal aliens?? If, in fact, the carousel is being held in a "safe" location and state departments are participating, they will have a LOT of explaining to do. Not only would they be assisting illegal aliens but they would have lied (gasp!) about the event being cancelled. You may feel like you have pulled a fast one if the carousel was held but two wrongs don't make a right. A story like that would only make more people aware that illegals are being helped to obtain state services and, on top of that, they are dishonest (gasp, gasp!!). It would only happen once.....

BEAR said...

right on point, sue k.. Tennessee gets it, why not Oregon? The number (TENS of THOUSANDS) of illegals flocking to equally illegal sites to receive false i.d. should scare the crap out of anyone foolish enough to feel complacent on this issue.

Sue K. said...

Thanks, Bear. If the carousel was held today in a "safe" place, there are a couple of places that come to mind........either DHS or the governor's mansion!

John said...

Good to see there were no anti-immigrant bigots at today's carousel. What happened--couldn't you bozos get enough of your friends to come haunt us?


Thomas said...

" ...there were no anti-immigrant bigots ..."

If you'll put down the bong for a minute, you'll see that it isn't "anti-immigration", it's [now - watch closely] anti-illeagal immigration.

"bozos" is the best you got? Im hurt; you could have at least went for slobbering slackjawed racist rednecks.

AAATT [All American All The Time]

Thomas said...

Hey, Daniel! Stupid spell-check doesn't work! Fix it will ya'?

Illegal Not 'Illeagal'

Scottiebill said...

Bear - You mentioned that illegals coming to illegal sites to obtain false I.D.s should scare those who are complacent on this issue. Some probably are running scared, but the two who don't seem to be running scared at all are the two most complacent people on this issue in all of Oregon and perhaps the whole U.S., Teddy the K and SecState Guillermo Bradbury.