Thursday, February 02, 2006

Several glasses of wine into my disapointment...

I'm just deflated at this point. I haven't liked a local candidate this much since that guy who ran in the primary against Goli Ameri to take the attempted rapists' seat in the house. The guy who said that "guys driving Ford trucks are my best constituency." Yeah, him. I liked that guy.

But now I'm like Morpheus on the second Matrix movie. No, not the scene where he kicks ass, the scene where he realizes that the prophesy is a lie.

My gubernatorial cadidate was a lie. I thought that he was perfect. I thought that all the issues were covered. I dreamed a dream and now it is broken.

My fault for supporting the farmers I guess. Watching the farmers cling to illegal alien labor is would be like watching Nikon insist that 35mm is still the best camera for point and shoot. It's just pathetic.

Don't tell me about "jobs that Americans won't do" either. I'll drive my kids to the fields in the morning and guess what, they don't speak Spanish!

They also don't send 50% of their wages to another country and they don't rape 12 year old girls. (don't ask me for the stats you idiot, just read my archives)

Now I'm stuck, do I jump ship completely and vote for a different candidate who I don't like or do I stay with the candidate that disagrees with me on my biggest issue?

Why do Republicans keep doing this? They are ok with turning off their entire base? (and a clear majority of all demographics?)

This is depressing.


Tony said...


I think you should look at my site for more info. Specifically the 2nd post down.


Boze Noze said...


Take a deep breath and come to understand that not all temporary worker proprams include a parallel amnesty program. I and Jason are against amnesty. I believe we both support a temporary work permit program that is strictly regulated and enforced.

Did you know that over three million Americans were living and working overseas by 1999 estimates?

Breath deep, have another glass of wine, take two aspirin and call Jason in the morning.

Daniel said...

I believe we both support a temporary work permit program that is strictly regulated and enforced.

I don't, sorry. Try fighting for relaxed child-labor laws instead.

As for your 3 million statistic, compare that to the 20 million Mexicans who are sending their paychecks out of this country.

Even talking about a "temporary" "guest worker" program right now is treasonous. It is only encouraging more cirminals aliens to rush here in a hurry to try to take advantage of this new amnesty.

Boze Noze said...

Even talking about a "temporary" "guest worker" program right now is treasonous. It is only encouraging more cirminals aliens to rush here in a hurry to try to take advantage of this new amnesty.

To quote my favorite President, "There you go again..."

Not all guest worker programs include amnesty. Please understand that fact. Therfore, talking about supporting a particular temporary worker program that specifically does not include amnesty is not Treason. In fact, it should make potential border jumpers hold off so they can apply to come here legally.

In the mean time, we can do all the other things to remove the current bunch of criminals from our country.

Daniel said...

In fact, it should make potential border jumpers hold off so they can apply to come here legally.

I don't give them that much credit in the "intelligence department." Atkinson took a bad position. To say otherwise is foolish.

Anonymous said...

Undervote in the primary, Daniel. The reason why we constantly have terrible candidates is because we LET them be terrible.

Politicians know that they can serve us a big steaming plate of dog poo and we'll respond, "Oh thank you sir! I'm so glad I get to eat YOUR dog poo instead of that other guys dog poo!" Then we'll get hundreds of blog entries talking about how WONDERFUL dog poo is when it has the correct letter after it, but how terrible it is if it has another letter.

Dare!PDX said...

So Daniel, you have several options to begin the enforcement of immigration laws. (The immigration enforcement issue is much like implementing a new gun-grabber law by the way; it gets tricky).

You can begin to check for legal-status and deport illegal aliens whenever the government comes across them. The fault in this though is that idenity theft will just become that much more of a profitable business. Furthermore private organizations would pop up to facilitate alternates to the welfare they currently get creating loop-holes to enforcement. So in the end you still have a large illegal immigration problem directly relying on an underground economy.


You start your enforcement with registration. The registration puts many above the table leaving the remaining illegals to be assumed to be involved with a black market. You start with the violent, drug dealing, black market illgals first. Then you tighten the now 'guest workers.'

A guest worker program when actually done with the purpose of sealing the border to legal entrances would be highly effective. You have a choice between somthing that will pass (guest workers) and something that won't - expecting law enforcement to actually enforce laws.

You should also ask Jason Atkinson to sit down and talk about the issue.

Bruce said...

boz noze.....doesn't know!!! I,too, am tired of constantly "modifying" my views to suit the mainstream. Illegal means illegal...there is no way around it. The guest worker program is a we "register" them, more will be coming the following day because there will be NO cutoff point. AND by the way has anybody read the NumbersUSA site. There is too many legals here also...HOW MANY PEOPLE can this country support????? We cannot and shouldn't have to support the wholeworld. I am with Daniel...I too feel betrayed!!!! Daniel, when you get a chance e-mail me.

Boze Noze said...

Bruce and others,

Do not keep putting words in my mouth and building straw men. Did I in any of my posts say I supported amnesty, registration, or other conversion of the criminals already in this country?


So stop arguing against that. Sheez, calm down and read my posts instead of reacting emotionally like a liberal.

Robert said...

As a FORMER supporter of Atkinson, and a NEW supporter of Saxton, I was amazed at the adeptness of Ron Saxton. The other two candidates, especially Atkinson have not put their fingers to the wind to sense the hurricane out there saying no to any sort of amnesty! I have and will support any candidate who comes out strongly against illegal immigration. I am disappointed in Jason but extremely impressed with Ron.



Bruce said...

boz...i am not reacting like a liberal....but are you deaf? Atkinson said,in no uncertain terms, he supports the Prez on the guest worker program.....even Lars was taken aback, so Lars asked him again to clarify and he re-iterated we have to understand that it is better to register them etc. etc. BULLSHIT, register nothing! They will just get around it somehow. One has to take a stand at some point and i,like Daniel, will not give in on this point. I will not wait for years as we "slowly" progress toward full amnesty. I WANT THESE BASTARDS OUT NOW!!!!! NOW!!!! I do not like MY country turned into a Northern shithole like Mexico.
You go ahead and look the other way boz.....put your head in the sand and soon, in your lifetime, we will all be speaking Spanish, BY LAW.

Calling Robert's Bullshit said...

Wait a minute??? From Atkinson to Saxton???? I don't think so.

Nice try Saxton camp - no one will buy your plant.

Anonymous said...

I have a question do you plan on sending 20 million Mexicans back to Mexico...and how are you going to fill all those jobs?

Kristopher said...

Anonymous said...

I have a question do you plan on sending 20 million Mexicans back to Mexico...

By bus. One load at a time.

and how are you going to fill all those jobs?

So ... you are against low unemployment?

Jim in KFalls said...

20M illegal aliens - it doesn't matter how they get home, as long as they go home - the sooner the better. They are a drain on our social services system.

As for unemployment - unemployment can be solved fairly quickly by eliminating key regulations on business and restricting the distributions of government services to those who are capable of work but refuse to get a job.

Bruce said...

Here's an innovative idea....ASK ANYBODY WHO COMES IN FOR SOCIAL SERVICES, and DOESN'T SPEAK ENGLISH, "ARE YOU LEGAL TO BE HERE".....pretty radical idea, eh?
ASK..ASK..ASK..and ASK again. These state workers are aiding and abetting the illegals to be here. I want a governor who will, the day after election, SHUT DOWN OR FIRE ALL and EVERY STATE WORKER WHO DOESN'T ASK THESE QUESTIONS...plain and simple....NO BULLSHIT EXCUSES!!!!!!!
Great idea...Jim in KFalls!!!!

Gullyborg said...


I understand your disappointment, but you have to think strategically as well as tactically.

There are 4 people who can be governor. One is already there, and we already know he supports giving taxpayer funded benefits to illegal aliens and refuses to work with the federal government to identify and deport illegal aliens. Do you want to re-elect him?

One of them talks a good talk, but actions speak louder than words. He says he is in favor of the taxpayer, but he consistently supports new and higher taxes. He says is pro-life, but he consistently supports abortion. He says he is a conservative, but he is the darling of the liberals. So when he claims he is going to be tough on illegal immigration, can you trust him?

Another one claims he is tough, but again, can we trust him? He claims he is a loyal Republican, but most of his career came as a democrat. He brags about his long resume, but again, most of those bullet statements had a big D after them. He brags about his 2nd Amendment platform, but he is rated as "public enemy number one" by the OFF. And even if you do trust him on immigration, can he get elected and make good on it after losing 3 statewide elections, including one against the now-incumbent governor?

And then there is Jason. Jason seemed perfect to you at first. Now, you are disillusioned. Here is the one thing to consider: you are angry because you THOUGHT he was perfect and now you see he is not.

Well... only one man has ever been truly perfect, and He got nailed to a cross for it. And even if He ran for Oregon governor, He'd be hard pressed to win, as a good 40% of the voters here are going to vote democRat no matter what. And in fact, in the one poll took during His lifetime, He came in second to Barabas.

So you have to accept that Jason is NOT perfect, and no candidate can be.

So what IS Jason?

He is two things:

1) He is the best chance we have to defeat the incumbent, who we already know is the polar opposite of what we want on immigration policy.

2) He is solid on key issues that we support.

He is opposed to giving ANY benefits to illegal aliens.

He is opposed to giving ANY driver's license to illegal aliens.

So what is Jason NOT:

He is not a candidate for Congress or the President, and ONLY Congress and the President have any influence over the amnesty issue. So if Jason is confused over the meaning of "amnesty" as it relates to the bills in the Senate and the President's plans, that is actually not very significant to his role as a potential governor. Sure, he can use his name as governor to get his word out, but he can't make federal law.

So if you are concerned about Jason and amnesty, focus on showing him what is wrong with the federal plan, rather than abandoning him.

You first chose Jason as your man because he was the only candidate to take a sincere stand on key issues that you supported. That hasn't changed. He is the best candidate on every issue, including immigration. He may not be perfect on immigration, but he is the best of the people running. And if you support him and work with him, you will have the opportunity to help him evolve and become BETTER on immigration. If you abandon him, you have nothing.

Jeff said...


You may not agree with Atkinson on the guest worker issue, but don't throw him under the buss and say he was a lie.

Can you name a better candidate? Politics is not about getting everyone to agree 100% with everything you say/belive.

Atkinson is STILL the best person for the job of Governor of Oregon.

larry the dog said...

The most disappointing thing about this whole sad affair is that Jason was so dug in, so stubborn, so uninformed about the President's program, and he wasn't smart enough to figure it out.

He botched this so badly. He stepped in the shit and then put his foot in his mouth - and lots of you are still kissing him!

Jason has never had a tough race.. He is not ready. This was not a hard one, and he blew it horribly. Wait til it gets hard! Jason does not have the makeup to do this, at least not yet. He is not mature enough. He hasn't had enough life experience.

He's had a privileged upbringing, never really had a job, always had Daddy for a safety net, ran for safe seats in S. Oregon.... what makes anyone think that he is anywhere near tough enough to win a governor race?

You could hear it on Lars today. Time after time demanding "listen!" No, Jason, you should listen.

I'm sorry guys, Jason Atkinson is not even close to Gubernatorial timbre at this point. Not even close.

This won't be the last blow up.

Robert said...

Calling Robert's Bullshit said...
Wait a minute??? From Atkinson to Saxton???? I don't think so.

Nice try Saxton camp - no one will buy your plant..........

Actually Mr. Nooo name...I was a supporter of Jason's and had up to this point in time mailed in $50 to his campaign, how about you? At least Ron was saying No GUESTWORKER PROGRAM. I listened to Jason on Friday try and explain his previous statements and he seemed to be quite confused as to what President Bush was proposing in his guestworker plan. I do not understand his confusion as Jason seems like a really sharp guy and it seems quite clear to most people that the President wants amnesty. I'll wait a few weeks to make sure I understand where Jason is coming from before I choose a different candidate. As for you Noooo name, thanks for the compliment.