Thursday, February 02, 2006

For principled conservatives

URGENT NOTICE-The Eugene protest of the "Carousel De Informacion" or Matricula Card ID giveaway by the Mexican Consulate for Illegal Aliens and subsequent Tax Payer Handouts, has been moved to next Saturday the 11th.

That is, unless the illegal aliens have been converted to "guest workers" and become eligible for all the programs offered at these events.


Tony said...

I got a copy of the Oregon Republican Party's resolution that was passed on Saturday, authored by Kevin Mannix, and it speaks about htis directly. He calls on the government to:

"Immediately cease any and all outreach programs that encourage illegal immigration, such as the Mexican Consulate’s “Carousel of Information,” which deliberately seek to enroll illegal immigrants in taxpayer supported programs"

He also called on the state to pass laws requiring state workers to assist in identifying and prosecuting and deporting illegals.

Give Mannix a second look. I am, particularly after today.

See the full text at

Daniel said...

It's a great resolution. I'm just drunk with disapointment right now.

RINO WATCH said...

RE: Mannix

Where the hell was his "Resolution" a year ago, a month ago, two weeks ago?

The guy is a front runner, and most of all a RINO!

There I've said it.....

Daniel said...

I think that you're right RINO. A lot of what Mannix and Saxton are doing is posturing, thankfully it is bringing this issue out though.

Tony said...

To call Mannix a RINO is bulls..t
What proof do you offer?

As far as Mannix supposedly posturing for popularity now, you are again wrong. Under Mannix's leadership, he passed through the platform the following positions (available at

5.7. We recognize and welcome all economic contributions of legal immigrants to the United States and Oregon. We expect that the State and federal government will enforce all immigration laws.

9.13. We support strong measures to secure all borders of the United States of America, and President George W. Bush’s division of the Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) into two agencies: Enforcement and Administration. The CIS Enforcement Branch should immediately and fully enforce all the CIS laws, especially those that apply to deportation of illegal foreigners. We support a seasonal workers program visa permit. We oppose any amnesty of the current illegal aliens.

So Kevin has been consistent in his leadership on this issue, from his past campaigns, from his credentials on law and order, and his leadership in the Party, and his current reolution.


RINO WATCH said...


What did Mannix do, as party chair, to support last legislative session two bills:

1st time proof of citizenship to register to vote in Oregon

Drivers Licenses for legal residents only

Clue: Nothing!

Tony said...

What would you have suggested he do as party chair? Do you think he should be down there at teh capitol advocating for every single major conservative bill? Abortion? Illegals? Taxes? Malpractice reform? Timber? Land use?

See the problem? He can't do everything. He was not a legislator, he was the party chair, and for him to go down there all the time for every major issue or bill would have made him look like a grandstander and diminished his ability to get htings done. I do know he was for them, and I do know that he was down there on other matters, such as the medical malpractice bill he was working on.

The real question is what did Atkinson, who actually IS a legislator, do? Nothing. Not a thing, though it was his responsibility as one of the most conservative members. And that troubles me. I have kept an open mind, but I see that Kevin has DONE the most of the 3 to actually move the ball forward. So I just think he needs to get credit for that, and people who keep making accusations like he is a "rino" are not doing so based on any kind of fact in his record, but rather based on personal issues.

But it is unrealistic to think that the party chairman is going to be lobbying on every conservative bill. That would diminish his credibility on all issues. Republicans had very competent people in the legislature moving those bills forward, like Ruth Bendl, Rep Linda Flores, Rep Derrick Kitts, etc. I don't think Mannix would have been much more help.

And as I said, the guy that was the golden boy before yesterday didn't do anything that I can see, and Saxton did even less. So of the three, even if you say they all have done relatively little, Mannix has the strongest record and the strongest plan.

And I am liking that. Even more after hearing Lars' show, and getting a copy of that resolution.

BEAR said...

It's the primary. Mannix and Saxton will say anything they think will get them past the primary. They cannot be trusted.