Sunday, February 05, 2006

Perfect timing for a new Mac Johnson column

The Guest (Worker) Who Wouldn't Leave
For the president of the United States to be talking about creating a new “guest worker” bureaucracy to import more foreign workers is a little like a flood victim, still stranded atop his house, making plans to install a new sprinkler system. I’m saying it doesn’t make sense.

That is why so many people oppose the president’s not-an-amnesty amnesty, the so-called guest worker program that would pair willing foreign workers with American employers unwilling to pay market wages. Uh, I mean pair willing workers with willing employers, who for some reason can’t get Americans to work for Peruvian hacienda wages. No that’s not right either. Well, the important thing is the Chamber of Commerce is in favor of the plan.

For those of you who simply don't believe it when I say it, give Mac's logic a try.


Anonymous said...

Illegal immigration gotten easier since 1986? Huh? Has Mac never heard of Operation Blockade (El Paso, 1993), or Operation Gatekeeper (San Diego, 1994), Operation Safeguard (Nogales, AZ 1995), Operation Hold-the-Line (New Mexico, 1997), Operation Rio Grande (1997, Southeast Texas)? Has he ever heard of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigratn Responsibility Act of 1996 or the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, both of which substantially increased funding for enforcement of illegal immigration.

By 1999, the INS had a budget of $4.2 billion, eight times what it was in 1986 and undoubtedly it is much higher now.

I wonder what else Mac if fabricating. Where do you find these crackpots?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out that NONE of these "programs" work!
Enforcing the law and building a wall, will work!
He should have said, We have even more Illegal Aliens than EVER in the history of America. Proof that gouging the Tax payers to selectivley NOT enforce the law doesn't work.