Monday, February 13, 2006

Eugene Protest: Is Daniel "anti-immigrant?"

NOTE: Scroll down a bit for photos of the event!

From the Eugene Register Guard:

Anti-immigration activists rallied Saturday in Eugene...

...criticize the Mexican consulate for issuing identification cards to immigrants...

Antonio Guzman of Salem said several Latinos came by to register for basic services. While he disagreed with the anti-immigration faction...

This was written by Jim Feehan. I am quoted several times. Part of my interview with Mr. Feehan can be seen in THIS VIDEO (huge file, it takes a while to download) taken by Vonski.

During this interview I indicated several times that we were protesting illegal immigrantion. The best part is that my motives were questioned by the opposition and I said (in front of Feehan) that "I have the utmost respect for immigrants who come here legally..." and "people who come here legally probably appeciate this country more that 90% of the slack jawed idiots who are sitting at home watching Jerry Springer..."

I have been hearing about the "anti-immigrant" stuff for quite some time now. I think that this puts it to rest as well as shedding some light on the editorial slant of the article.

But, I've always said that any publicity is good, people are able to read that story and understand what we were doing. I'm glad that the article was written... I'm also glad that there is a video recording that puts it to shame.

Jim Feehan
Telephone: 338-2568


Anonymous said...

Perhaps in future interview opportunities you might invite a Legal Immigrant to join in and wear a badge saying "I am a Legal Immigrant."

Daniel said...

There was a legal immigrant at the rally, he came to renew his green card and they turned him away. He was furious.

Scottiebill said...

I have written to Lars about this idea and thought I would ask you,also: Since illegal immigration is a federal crime, and since aiding and abbetting criminal activities is also a crime, and since Kulongoski and SecState Bradbury are doing nothing to prevent illegal immigration, in reality, aiding in it by doing nothing and supporting it by offering drivers licenses and voter registration without proper U.S. identification, then why not arrest these two and charge them with aiding and abetting and being accessories before, during, and after the facts of these criminal activities? Do you think this might get their attention? No, I didn't think so!!

Anonymous said...

Send the idea to Attorney Josh Marquee. He can not ignore a federal crime.