Saturday, February 18, 2006

Really? We couldn't tell...

Illegal-alien offenders flout U.S. justice system
When Carlos Ornelas, owner of Colorado Spring's largest Mexican marketplace, was dragged from his car by four thugs last November, beaten, pistol-whipped and threatened with death unless his family paid an $80,000 ransom, he couldn't have know that one of his accosters was an illegal alien who was supposed to be in Mexico, having been finally deported by the Colorado courts after his fourth known crime.

Colorado's courts and jails are already straining from the increase in the state's illegal immigrant population and related crime. In El Paso County, illegals typically account for close to 10 percent of the inmate population, said Makata.

Just more evidence of the problem. What should we do about it? Hey I know, let's start talking about a "guest worker" program!! We could even start funding it right now instead of working to properly secure the border and get some real interior enforcement! [sarcasm]

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BEAR said...

Hey, Daniel, supporting any rino republican who doesn't understand the concept of borders will only perpetuate the influx of criminals and further the abuse of actual citizens.