Monday, February 27, 2006

If you have a horse, you don't need a donkey

Contrary to what governor Kulongoski says, if you have one of these:

Or one of these:

Then you don't need one of these:

Kulongoski on Matricula card holders: "It would be wrong to assume that participants at these sessions are simply all undocumented persons; a great number of them are citizens and residents with legal immigrant status."

Daniel responds: If you are a "citizen" then you can't get one, if you have legal status then you have one of the top two cards issued by our government.


gullyborg said...

the matricula card reminds me of the marijuana tax stamp some states offer drug dealers so they can avoid IRS charges when they are caught--you only need it if you are breaking the law, so why not just arrest people who apply for one?

Rick said...

Several of my employees use their Matricula Cards as ID and to cash their checks. It works really well. I don't really get what the beef is all about. You guys need to get a life. Rick

Gunslinger said...

Rick, if your employees have these card, then you are guilty of knowingly hiring illegal aliens. Congratulations on being part of the problem.

Daniel said...

Rick, what other forms of ID do your employees use to verify eligibility to work when they apply at your place of employment?

fish_on said...

NumbersUSA Fax Alert:

Ask your Senator to oppose the Specter amnesty for 10 million illegal aliens

This new fax has been posted in your Action Buffet based on your survey showing your interest in at least one of the following:

* Amnesties for illegal aliens

You can find this fax by proceeding to

Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has begun circulating a draft immigration proposal that would reward virtually all of the 10.2 million illegal aliens estimated to be in the United States as of January 1, 2004.

Sen. Specter's immigration proposal would reward these more than 10 million illegal aliens with exactly what they broke U.S. law to obtain: permission to work in the United States indefinitely. A significant number of the estimated 1.2 million illegal aliens who have entered the United States since Jan. 1, 2004, along with some of those who enter in the future, also would likely be able to obtain amnesty through fraud. (Experts have found that the fraud rate in the 1986 amnesty was as high as 70 percent.)

Read a chart comparing Sen. Specter's immigration proposal with the House-passed H.R. 4437 by clicking here.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider Sen. Specter's immigration proposal on Thursday, March nd. I

Our Capitol Hill team has learned that the massive McCain-Kennedy bill (S. 1033) may be offered as an amendment to the Specter bill. Even though the plan by Sen. Specter (R-PA) would amnesty 10 million or more illegal aliens, double permanent immigration greencards, and create an unlimited foreign guestworker program, some Senators apparently believe even that isn't radical enough.

Send this fax telling your Senator that the Judiciary Committee is considering is a collossal betrayal of the American people and you hope they will stay far away from any support of those two bills. Remind them the whole Senate Judiciary process is making a farce of the Senate with Senators falling over themselves to see who can present the most outrageous proposals to sell American workers down the river. Encourage them to pass an "enforcement only" bill instead of an amnesty for illegal aliens.

Oregon Infidel said...

Just go to this site:
and you'll see what a sham this ID really is. I'm thinking about getting one myself. never hurts to have another form of ID.

Ric said...

"Marta Miranda, a professor at Eastern Kentucky University: About 80 percent of the Hispanics in Kentucky are undocumented..."

Traditional republicans, business owners, wanting to use illegal aliens for labor - just a portion of this story posted at NRO by John Derbyshire

"'Non-English-speaking' ... is of course a euphemism for illegal immigrants from Mexico"

Scottiebill said...

If things continue to be weighted in favor of the illegals and against those of us who are natural-born citizens of the U.S., we will be the ones having to carry the cards and the illegals will not. Isn't there something a bit wrong with this picture?