Monday, February 06, 2006

I thought this was a job that "Americans won't do"


$1,836 - $2,481 MONTHLY

Mows and edges lawns with use of turf and plant care equipment; plant, transplant, fertilize and water lawns, shrubs, bedding plants, ground cover, and trees; responsible for the maintenance of trees, shrubs, and flowers; remove and prevent weeds from growing on plants and lawns; apply pesticides and herbicides when needed.

Between government workers and illegal aliens I couldn't tell you what the market wage for a landscaper really is. Government wants to pay too much and people who use illegal labor want to pay to little.


Anonymous said...

this is yet another job that should be privatized. the private sector has tons of good lanscape services that take care of this for less money. why do we need one more damn PERS employee to mow the damn lawn?

Allen said...

If this job were privatized an Illegal Alien would get it and then we can forget about all the Licenses and Certifications and Guidelines the Non-Illegal Alien would need to produce and follow.

Just as Baby Sitting and Lawn Mowing, we taxpayers have laws and rules to Embrace.

CapitalistPig said...

Unfortunately, if the government did privatize such jobs it most likely wouldn't save as much money as you'd think, because the public employees union would successfully lobby to make laws requiring the contracting firms pay a "living" (read union) wage.

Ric said...

"There's lots of work and very few people," he says. "We never make up our teams. You could pay them $10 an hour and it wouldn't make any difference." Most of the workers are paid $7.25 an hour, above the minimum wage of $6.75."

Captains Quarters on the challenge of finding workers, for jobs that typically have gone to un-documented, er, suripise guests of the US.