Sunday, February 19, 2006

DOJ: It's all the nonminorities fault

Forenote to Nonminority Readers
Nonminorities have brought about many of the problems that minorities encounter and are discussed in this report. Addressing these problems, and ultimately solving them, is the joint responsibility of nonminorities and minorities.

Huh? This is from a "task force to scare judges into giving lesser sentences to people because of their skin color." (TFSJIGLSPBTSC)

What is their problem?

Many of the problems recounted in this report stem from cultural differences between minorities and nonminorities. The dominant culture of this state and nation is reflected in its courts. Largely nonminority judges and court staff do not understand the cultures of minorities who appear in the courts.

How about this: Person commits crime = person goes to jail NO MATTER WHAT THEIR DAMN CULTURE IS.

Conversely, minorities—many of whom come from countries with different justice systems—do not understand the Oregon courts in which they appear. This lack of understanding is not limited to minorities who speak little or no English. It is just as pervasive in Native-American and African-American cultures, in which English is the dominant language.

This is absolutely the funniest statement ever. They talk about "people who come from different countries" and then refer to Native Americans and black people as if they weren't born here.

Bottom line:
All nonminorities involved in the justice system—judges, court staff, lawyers, law school professors and law students—need ongoing, cross-cultural training. Nonminorities have contributed to most of the problems facing minorities today. Nonminorities must recognize that problems exist; nonminorities must address them with resolve and sensitivity.

So start feeling some white guilt and let some criminals get away with their crimes.


Micahel T. said...

Political correctness will be the undoing of this country if not resisted; so I encourage everyone to take every opportunity at being politically incorrect. If a man beats a woman half to death, I don't care if in the culture of the country of his origin it is accepted practice to do this, because men rule the roost there. Here it's go to jail, don't pass go and don't collect $100, or at least it used to be.

BEAR said...

Go to another country, any country, break their laws, and I'll just bet the first thing that occurs to them is how culturally correct they can be. LOL

thomas said...

And so the Balkinization of America moves ahead.

I was just thinking: in Italy men often pinch a womans butt as a gesture of appreciation for their beauty. Now - try that here and see what you get. [Hey! It's my culture ! How dare you tell me what I can and can't do? You have no respect of my cultural sensibilities.]

So when I stand before the judge accused of assault for doing that, can I use the cultural argument, or do I have to obey the laws of this culture?

See how silly?

/rhetoric off

Anonymous said...

The "Access to Justice for All Committee." Another moronic idea brought to your courtesy RINO Wally Carson.

Daniel said...

Hey, how about some respect for the Islamic culture when it comes to their position on abortion? I mean, I thought that the religion of peace could do no wrong.

Bruce said...

I am tired of takeing all this crap from the nonwhite section of the populace. I didn't do anything to you people, I have never hurt one of you people, My relatives got here too late to ever own one of you people. You have had almost 50 years of civil rights marching, 30 years of affirmative action (with no end in sight), set asides, quotas, and STILL, your black asses are at the bottom of the economic pile. Quit pimpin' yo ho's, quit selling drugs to yo chillun' (and mine too) quit cryin' everytime one of you people don't get exactly what you want. All the rules are in place, you've had it your way for a while now....TRY GOING AFTER THE PRIZE!!! instead of stealing it from ME!!!!!!