Monday, February 20, 2006

Watch Ted come out of the closet

Kulongoski Loses Multnomah Co. Dems Support
In a Saturday vote, the Multnomah County Democratic Commission decided who to endorse in the May primary.

The commission made a surprising choice in the governors race, endorsing Pete Sorensen and Jim Hill.

When support from the environmentalists was slipping Teddy K came out with tailpipe emission standards. Perhaps in response to him losing support from Multnomah County he will claim to be gay.


Anonymous said...

But as Sleepy Ted says, their group is small time and doesn't represent a large block of voters.

Now, had that been the Medical Pot Growers Asn. he would have been there with his dog.

Sue K. said...

Yeah, I saw this. Did you see what Ted's "campaign mouth-piece" said about him not getting the endorsement? Like they were some small, piddly, little Democrat activist group. That's the way to go, basically insult them when they don't endorse Ted. All it takes is several "small" groups and BAM! you've got a big group. Keep talking........

Also, maybe someone can clear up something I heard about Ted wanting to recycle the leaked auto motor oil from parking lots of Kmarts and Wal-marts? Now that would be a campaign winner.

Robin said...

okay, could somebody please explain this one to me.

"The commission made a surprising choice in the governor's race endorses Pete Sorenson and Jim Hill."... the Central committee has announced it will not be endorsing Governor Kulongoski in the May primary. [shocker!] "

"Kulongoski's camp isn't worried about the endorsement. They claim every statewide Democratic elected official has endorsed his reelection bid."

Okay, think about that statement for a minute. Sleepy Ted really is not doing much campaigning that I am aware of. He is still acting like he has done in the governor's office, sitting on his rear end and only making an appearance when it seems to suit him or his special-interest.

Rumors are already flying that Kitzhaber was entering the race to dilute the votes.

If the sleepy Ted does get reelected, I hope that somebody will cry for an audit because something is definitely wrong.

Daniel said...

This is what he did last time. Except that so far there have been no glowing newspaper stories about his bowling abilities.

BEAR said...

This has to be one of the most humuliating experiences a Dem. has ever gone through. Losing the endorsement of the largest Dem. org. in a blue state, to two other lowlifes! By ignoring Jessica's Law, Teddy has a least cornered the pedophile vote. Wait a minute! That may be all he needs to win, here.

Sue K. said...

Bear--So Ted not getting that endorsement is a pretty big blow? According to his "mouth-piece", it sounded insignificant. But then this was the same person that said Ted had "a strong record regarding illegal immigration." This person is as screwy as he is. Pedophiles and illegals is about all he can count on at this point. Either Ted is soooo over confident that he will win re-election and is doing the same 'ol, same 'ol or he really doesn't want to be re-elected and continues to hide.

Scottiebill said...

I wonder if Teddy the K is consulting with Christine Gregoire and the dead voters in King County on how to "win" an election.