Saturday, February 18, 2006

Republicans want to hear from YOU!

(No, Vance Day has not started to respond to emails about illegal aliens)

Senate Republicans Request Your Ideas for the 2007 Legislative Session

Ferrioli is asking Oregonians from all over the state to submit their ideas about what Oregon must do to move forward. Those ideas do not necessarily need to result in new laws, they could be about removing obstacles that get in the way a positive change for the state.

The caucus is asking people with ideas to forward them by March 31st. Please send your ideas to the Senate Republican Office by email at or call 503-986-1950.

Let them know what you think. Ask them why they aren't aggressively combatting the D's positions on illegal aliens. (oh yeah, it's because half the Republican party agrees with them...)

Tell them what programs to eliminate (percent for art) and what should be established (Jessica's Law) and what is just wastelful. (DEQ)


Ric said...

I will also suggest to the bloggers out there to post your ideas on your blog.

I'm just starting my list of key areas for candidate selection, these suggestions can help formulate just such a list.

Daniel, you didn't suggest they require proof of citizenship before offering Drivers Licenses or Voters Registration, did you?

RINO WATCH said...

The two issues suggested by Ric might be considered as the top 2 campaign issues.

Education and Health care costs are directly related to the issuance of ODL's to illegal aliens.

There is virtually no way currently to tell who is voting illegally.

This is brief, expect more at RinoWatch regarding these issues.

Sue K. said...

No, Daniel. I don't think republicans want to hear from us. Does it do any good? I'm beginning to think not. Sorry if I am a pessimist.

BEAR said...

hey, sue k., a pessimist is said to claim that, "things can't get any worse!" An optimist, however, declares, "oh, yes they can!) The failure of public education (25% drop-out rate state-wide), the required re-education of kids entering colleges, the failure of ESL programs to assimilate illegals into our culture, are routinely ignored by our "learned" legislators. What these folks don't get is that parents who love their kids are flocking to private schools and home-schooling, leaving the dregs to their downward-spiral to third world status, firmly clutched in the money-grubbing hands of government.

Sue K. said...

Bear, I agree with your post. Okay, then, I am an optimist. That will surprise my husband.