Thursday, February 16, 2006

Since Kate Brown (D) won't

Help collect signatures to pass Jessica's Law in Oregon!

What: Protect Oregon children by putting violent sexual predator behind bars for a minimum of 25 years. It further protects the public by requiring lifetime monitoring of the predator once released from prison.

This is just common sense. The campaign to pass this is relying on grassroots efforts. That means if you could take a signature sheet and pass it around at your work, your church or your neighborhood you would be making a huge difference!

If you aren't into gathing signatures then you can make a donation to the campaign.

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Scottiebill said...

Getting this initiative onto the ballot next fall is imperative because Kate Brown and Peter Courtney blocked it in the last legislature, even though it was going to pass overwhelmingly and even Teddy the K said he would sign it, but would do nothing to apply pressure to get it through the legislature. All that says just one thing: Kate Brown, Peter Courtney, and Teddy the K do not care one solitary damn about the welfare and safety of vulnerable kids. One would think that they have empathetic ties to that certifiably crazy judge in Vermont that gave 60 days to the creep that raped that girl repeatedly for some 4 years. And where did that judge get his credentials to be a judge? Out of a Cracker Jack box? Or maybe he was appointed by How-wierd Dean, another certifiable nut, when he was Vermont's governor.