Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just for the spelling error

Oregon Students of Color Coalition
(Not affiliated with the White Students Coalition)

Despite having attended and graduated from Oregon high schools, some highly-qualified students cannot afford to continue their education because thier immigration status makes them ineligible for in-state tuition.

Yes, illegal aliens must now pay the same rate as someone from say, Vancouver Washington when going to an Oregon college. (Dammit, I didn't use the word "thier" in that sentence) Now it's not even funny. Stupid, stupid, stupid...


Anonymous said...

Nice. Another "Student Coalition" that uses the communist Red Star as its logo. Not only that, the Black Power salute is incorporated as well.

Try forming a "white Students Coalition", or a "Straight Christian Republican Male Students Group"......You'd be run off campus on a rail and branded as a "Racist".

Yeah......real nice double standard here.

Daniel said...

"Straight Christian Republican Male Students Group"

I may have to form one of those...