Saturday, February 11, 2006

Eugene Protest: Part Tres

So maybe you aren't sure what a "carousel of information" is or why myself and many others have a problem with it.

This is an event sponsored by the Mexican Consulate. The following state agencies participate and the consulate's invitation:

Consulate of Mexico in Portland
Department of Consumer & Business Services
Oregon Attorney General’s Office
Bureau of Labor and Industries
Oregon Child Development Coalition
Department of Human Services
Department of Revenue
Department of Transportation — DMV
Employment Department
Oregon Health Action Campaign
Oregon Health Division
Housing and Community Services of Oregon
Legal Aid Services of Oregon
Mid-Willamette Valley Senior Services Agency
Oregon Migrant Education
Social Security AdministrationSecretary of State


Only a Mexican national, a citizen of Mexico, can make an appointment for this. Their goal is to get a Matricula Consular card. This is a sham ID. The reason they need this? To get a drivers license from the DMV.

The problem is that if you are a Mexican citizen and you are here with a green card or on a visa then you have all the documentation you need to go to DMV to get a license, you don't need a matricula card.

So everyone who is getting one of these has two characteristics: They are Mexicans (foreign nationals) and they don't have proper documentation. This means that they are all criminal aliens!


This is Jan from the Attorney Generals office. (that the agency charged with enforcing the law helps criminals is a sick irony) I offered to help her with her boxes but she did turn me down. What's in those boxes? Stuff like this:

No irony in explaing your rights in the workplace to someone who is ineligible to work.


RINO WATCH said...

Was the Oregon Secretary of State, specifically,

Elections Div. represented today?

Daniel said...

I'm not sure if they were there. I talked to a guy from BOLI and Jan here from the AG's office. There was also an official DHS car present.

RINO WATCH said...

If that was Jan Margosian, she heads up the AG's "Consumer Affairs Div." which handles "Consumer complaints"

Apparently she will even help complaints by "ILLEGALS"!

Jeff said...

Does the Mexican consulate ask for ID when making/attending an appointment? That would be rather ironic.

Crackpot said...

Anybody own a green van reminiscent of a "La Migra" rig? Park that near these events. Call it Scarecrow.

Caught this article in the Medford newspaper about yesterdays republican candidate forum. Yep, immigration policy was a topic:

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