Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Eugene Protest: Part Dos

Going to unload a few more pictures on you before I get to my narrative. (I'm going to eat before I do that...)

A great American!

I am going to interject here: The counter-protestors, the pro-illegal alien crowd, were the worst racists that I have ever met:

Whether it was their "one race" poster that they made and then tried to hide from us as we were taking pictures or their chants of "we were here first" or when they called my wife, who is hispanic, a "sellout" it was very clear that these people judge everything and everyone by the color of their skin and their ethnic heritage.

After multiple requests I was finally able to get a chance to talk to the consul general and I assured him that this would be the last year that their "carousel of information" would be in business.


RINO WATCH said...

Rinowatch has "borrowed" the photo of Daniel speaking with the Mexican Consul. Love it!

We are all grateful to you Daniel and everyone who went to Eugene.

Daniel said...

Thank you Rino! It's sure isn't just me there, so many familiar faces as well as new ones. This is an issue that so many are dedicated to.

Jeff said...

I'd love to hear the details of your conversation with the Conselor (spelling?).

The Gentle Cricket said...

I just moved away from Oregon. I've been a long-time reader of your blog, and I would have loved to join you. Keep up the great work!

The racial-mindset of the opposition is always amazing to me. Race seems to top crime, to them. For example, the double-standard seen in crimes...if the victim is a minority, it must be a hate crime, though NEVER the opposite.

Anonymous said...

Good work Daniel! I could not be there but I am trying to do what I can by making phone calls, calling my rep., etc. I think the day is drawing near for these clowns. Their charges of "racism" don't fly anymore especially since most polls I have seen have shown strong opposition to giving benefits to illegals.

Daniel said...

It's overwhelming opposition.

Anonymous said...


How exactly are you going to shut down the Carousel of Information?

Daniel said...

The REAL ID act takes effect next year. DMV will no longer be able to accept the Matricula Card to get a drivers license or state ID.

And this is an election issue as well, it's a current issue in the Republican primary with all candidates saying they would end it. It will be an issue in the general election and if Kulongoski wants to keep his job he is going to have to come out against it.

Anonymous said...

"The REAL ID act takes effect next year. DMV will no longer be able to accept the Matricula Card to get a drivers license or state ID"

How will this be effected if Pres. Bush's guestworker program goes through?

Cindy Lou said...

Great Work! You look familiar, were you at the MMP in AZ, last April? I know I've seen and talked to you.
I would like permission to use some of your photos on a blog that I am designing with nothing but GOON faces. It's titled "Goonage." It'll be a central location where folks can look at the Un-American people that we encounter while we're trying to save our Country.
You'll love it. I have pics from Campo Calif. and various other Calif. protests, along with Texas protests, and am collecting more from fellow Minutemen.
~CL in Texas

Tony said...


Way to speak truth to power.

You are a great American.

Daniel said...

Anon, if the President's amnesty goes through then these people will have documentation to simply go to the DMV. (I'm hoping that this doesn't happen)

Cindy Lou, help yourself to the pictures, we are all on the same side here! Come back and leave the link to your blog when you get it done!

Anonymous said...

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