Thursday, February 16, 2006

Maybe we could try some of their corruption as well

Deal gives Oregon access to Mexican curriculum
This school year, Reynolds School District signed on to the Oregon-Mexico Educational Partnership, an agreement between Oregon and Mexico that makes Mexico's national curriculum available.

Educators have charted how Mexico's curriculum aligns with Oregon's educational standards so teachers can be sure they're offering materials to immigrant students that fit the state's goals.
Our curriculum standards align with Mexico's? How pathetic is that!

"A kid who comes from Mexico who's doing calculus can keep going in calculus," says teacher Dale Bernardini, who's overseeing the district's entry into the partnership. "He doesn't have to go to Math 1 just because he doesn't understand the language."

Yes Mr. Bernardini, I'm sure that the Spanish speaking kids will do so well getting a job with that knowleged of calculus but not being able to speak English.

This Oregon-Mexico education boondogle is something that I have been whining about for quite some time. It's part of the "education service district" fraud that wastes school money.

Senor Manrrique also spoke to the benefits to Mexican citizens in the US federal prison system who can get their education while incarcerated, and leave the prison system with a greater knowledge than before, ready to serve their country with positive contributions.

Yes, let's spend our education dollars for foreign citizens that are taking up our prison space.

The Consulate of Mexico has developed a new division, initiated by President Fox, President, named the Institute for Mexicans Abroad. Susan Castillo welcomed the Mexican representatives, and helped them know how happy we are to be working so closely with them for the benefit of the Mexican citizens here in Oregon.

Don't give "the schools" another dime! Not one thin dime until they decide to stop using tax dollars "for the benefit of Mexican citizens here in Oregon."

I would note that this kind of nonsense will only get worse with a "guest worker" program. There will be many "feel good" programs designed to send "guest workers" back to Mexico (secret: they won't really go back) with skills and an education... all paid for by us and at the expense of our own children's education.


Robin said...

"A kid who comes from Mexico who's doing calculus can keep going in calculus,"

I ask the question again, why do we keep kissing Mexico ass?

we won't provide benefits for citizens, we cut education, and other programs, however we sure seem to always find money and go out of our way to help everyone else.

will the Oregon-Mexico educational partnership help American kids in Mexaco?I will bet you there is no such program.

chances are that any child that goes to school in another country is going to be taught by that countries standards.

Anonymous said...

Next week they are holding a "Gringo Workshop" on the care and feeding of a Dirt Floor.

Jeff said...

ya, this makes sense. Because I typically see American students going to Mexico for the supreme education. That does happen, right?

Rick Hickey said...

You should also know that W.E.S.D. just spent $950,000 of YOUR money on "Portables" in Salem and an EXTRA $1 Milllion on "Unexpected" increased need for Medicaid.
But this is good for the Economy (Mexico's)

Daniel said...

Jeff, American students do go to Mexico... to revel in the lawlessness that exists just across the border!

ESABATM said...

Does anyone else notice that when the home invasion robberies go down, the fish wrapper will not print what race the robbers were? We had a robbery on Bull Mountain, Maya Blackmun reported it in the FW, but would not put the race of the individuals. It happened again today. I called the WA County Sherriffs office and they would not own up to the fact that they are leaving the race descriptions out on purpose. They just transfer you to a phone message. No wonder no one wants to help them. I guess it would look like that one race is getting arrested more than another during this poltical time.

Tim Lewis said...

Is Mexican math different?

Jeff said...

Yes, Mexican math is very different. They use "meth" and "e" instead of apples and oranges.

And instead of "you have two trains heading towards each other on the same track" they use "you have two cars used for trafficing drugs up I-5 heading towards each other..."