Sunday, February 19, 2006

The usual suspects will be there

Respect All Workers: No Human is Illegal!

March for Immigrant Justice

March 4th * Noon * Portland
(Pioneer Square at SW Broadway & Morrison)

Denounce Sensenbrenner’s anti-immigrant legislation!
Rally at Saxton’s campaign office, anti-immigrant candidate for governor!

Carpools are available from the following locations c/o CAUSA:
Woodburn and Salem: 503.982.0243 x203 or x213;
Eugene: 541.688.7376;
Medford: 541.245.1625

Sign up @ Rural Organizing Project * 503.543.8417 *

I have been seeing this "ROP" garbage floating around lately. If the ag business wants to align itself with the communists at PCUN then fine, how about we suggest they vote democrat. Enjoy paying the "livable" wage, the regulations, and not actually picking any crops because plants have feelings and mother earth (Gaia?) doesn't want you to hurt her children.

I'm really get tired of farmers thinking that they can call themselves a Republican consituency but at the same time they want to organize the socialists and anarchists in Portland to rally against what is popular with the Republican base.

Hey look, the "conservative" rural farming boys have the same slogan as Portland Peaceful Response.

And they seem to agree with the commie group that calls America facist.


Anonymous said...

If the Illegals do succeed in gaining Amnesty I will dedicate my life to seeing all Farm Workers are given "Living Wages" and not be allowed to perform "piece work" through labor contractors and that OSHA combs over the farm equipment as never before.

Lets see the Ag people jump that hurdle. There will be no way out and there will be no going back.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander so lets share the pain!

Anonymous said...

we gave amnisty years ago to millions of mexican illegals it did not help us, prices are up wages are down we cannot fund tax requirements for this population bust.Send them back to where they came from or make them speek english

Anonymous said...


Make sure they can also write English...

Daniel said...

Anon#1 has a great idea, if these people want to ruin us then why not return the favor?

If they don't care about ruining the public schools, (I mean, worse than the unions already have) bankrupting hospitals and causing skyrocketing health care costs, and the endless amount of crime that wouldn't happen if illegal aliens weren't allowed to function here then why should we care about their farms?

The day that we get a guest worker program is the day that I provide the complaint forms on my blog to report every violation a farm could possibly commit.

Sue K. said...

Oh, Great!! I guess this means that we will get to see a bunch of punks with their faces covered and wearing t-shirts honoring murderers and terrorists on the news!

Micnael T. said...

we have encountered these leftists before, at Matricula Consular protests, and they are so transparent and unable to hide their Marxist idelaogy. Watch for the Che Guevera shirts, hats and red flags. Interesting that they are only going to picket Ron Saxton's campaign office, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

Funny that you all are so arrogant and speak of immigrants ruining everything in the U.S., including the schools, yet you yourselves seem unable to properly spell. I guess you can blame that on the undocumented as well. Your assertions about the impact of immigration on the U.S. economy and institutions are utterly lacking in factual support. But, I guess, since you have trouble with spelling and grammar, I shouldn't expect that you would be able to dig up and read a peer-reviewed research report. All of your whining is foolish. Mexican migration streams are mature. Demographic and economic trends in Mexico point to an inevitable decrease in illegal immigration from Mexico.

Daniel, get your forms ready. An amnesty is inevitable.

jesse said...

At a time when here are so many political and social issues facing the US I wonder why Danny boy chose illegal immigration to whine about.

From reading his post it sounds like he's pissed at his fellow republicans for hiring these workers. Well guess what Danny? Your right-wing buddies love paying shit for wages because that puts more in their own greedy pockets.

Here's an idea, Danny. Stop and think for a moment about the disaster that is in Washington DC. Bushco, with his incredibly stupid invasion Iraq, has done more damage to you, me , our children and our democracy than a billion Mexicans ever could.

Of course, you'll keep doing what you're doing and not take the time to see the big piture because you're not smart enough and would rather stay in denial.

Your head is buried in the sand Danny boy .

dchamil said...

Although I'm not a native speaker, it seems to me that whover printed the first sign has a little trouble with spelling Spanish. ser human should be ser humano, and imigrante should be inmigrante.

Anonymous said...

dchamil -- Usted es incorrecto.

Sue K. said...


Maybe spelling errors can be a result of too many "undocumented" children in our schools. They could also be just a typo. I'm sure even you make a typo every once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Sue -- Of course, typos happen, I make them all the time. It's just that people in glass houses...Also, it's usually easy to distinguish between a typo and an instance of poor spelling.

The children of unauthorized immigrants did nothing to be scapegoated for the failure of our public school system. You all disgust me. As the saying goes, why don't you pick on somebody your own size, such as the Republican-controlled federal government that fails to stand up to the big business interests that serve as the primary reason illegals are here in the first place.

When the amnesty goes through, don't blame liberals, the undocumented, Mexico, state or local governments. Blame yourselves for preying on the easy targets while choosing not to take big business to task. Daniel's threats to the farmers are empty. Never does he mobilize the henchmen in that direction. The money tax-payers spend to help immigrants subsist pales in comparison to what businesses put in their pockets in the way of profits. Fools.

Gullyborg said...

I think the real key to this post is the knowledge that immigration isn't so much a partisan issue as it is an ideological issue. Republicans who are soft on immigration face a backlash. Meanwhile, democRats who enable the illegals lose support, but the GOP doesn't necessarily reap the rewards due to the different stands on so many issues. Immigration may well result in a strong third party along the lines of the Ross Perot phenomenon--probably not a big enough force to win (now), but certainly significant enough to spoil it for both parties. I think whichever party realizes this first and changes its platform will pull off a Clinton 1992 like win: less than 43% of the vote, but still more than the other party. Unlike the Clinton victory, this one will be more legitimate, as the new third party will share the immigration issue with the victor.

Robin said...

I like Anon#1's idea,
OSHA will make sure the all the equipment and the environment is safe. including having to follow the hazmat requirements that any other business has to.

They also have to follow the Bureau of labor's laws for breaks, lunches and overtime.

And then there is FICA,Worker's Comp. and the other associated fees that employers also must pay.

They would also be required to file quarterly reports on every employee [which includes Social Security Number]

Of course this means that the cost will be passed onto the consumer, however, the farm industry and others has had the luxury of having people work for "slave labor" wages for so long, [which has been part of the problem] maybe it is time to change.

the other thing that WE can do as consumers since we are still the majority of the population is to stop doing business with companies that hire illegal aliens and have Spanish as a requirement for a job.

i.e., we fight back with our pocketbook.

Perhaps one of those should develop a list of the companies that support illegal aliens and such, and go from there

Pastor Tim said...

What we need is an outright Christian party to take back this country and the Christian values on which it was founded. Kick out all the heathens! God bless you, Daniel, for all that you do in trying to restore this country to its Christian roots. Jesus has a special place for you in Heaven.

Scottiebill said...

Suek: You forgot to mention the punks with their caps turned sideways along with the covered faces (because they are so proud of what they are doing) and their pants hanging below their butts looking "cool".
Anon: What is with the "undocumented" label you are graciously giving to the illegal aliens? "Illegal" is the correct term for this bunch. Illegal is still illegal, not "undocumented". If one were to illegally rob a bank, would that be considered an "undocumented" withdrawal? You would probably think so, but I doubt the FBI would take the same view.